Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel means “God is my strength”. It is time to take your personal power, to take your life into your hands without looking at what others say. The angels are with you anyway, they act like “parents” which take care so that you have everything you need. All that you need to do is to let go and take full responsibility for your life. You are an example and the others will follow you. It is true, many will criticize you, many will be disappointed by your choices, but the important thing is that you have the power to walk your path. Archangel Gabriel is by your side, he is helping you follow your mission on this Earth and he is in the role of protector for you. If you are afraid of falling, be assured that there will be someone to catch you, and anyway your fall will be for your greatest good. So assume what you are and show the world what you can, show the world the diamond dormant within you.
This is how it is and so be it.