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What Does it Mean to Be ”Assertive”?


„There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstandings about the word assertive. Some people confuse assertiveness with aggression. It’s no wonder they’re afraid of being assertive!

Therefore it’s very important that we define our terms so that we can have a mutual understanding of what we`re talking about here.

Assertiveness means that you`re aware of your feelings and opinions and that you state them to yourself and  others in a way that respects other people’s rights. An assertive person is kind, peaceful, and gentle yet never apologizes for his or her feelings, because feelings are to be honored and respected. Assertiveness is spiritually Divine, because it’s a way of interacting that acknowledges that you are one and equal with others. Therefore, you have as much right to be happy as other people.

  • Assertiveness in personal relationships: If you`re assertive, you know that relationships are built upon revealing your true self. Otherwise you`ll never feel loved, because the other person doesn’t even know the real you! The only way to genuinely feel loved is to take the risk of being your true self and then find that you`re accepted and cherished for who you really are.
  • Assertiveness in business: In business settings, it’s all about gaining respect. When you’re assertive at work, you tell it like it is. You don’t raise your voice or put anybody else down personally or attack others` opinions. You don’t have to be tough or traditionally “masculine” to be assertive. In fact, assertiveness can be extremely gentle. An assertive businessperson speaks calmly and passionately at the same time.
  • Assertiveness in life-purpose situations: As an Earth Angel, you have a very important life mission. You`re here to speak up on behalf of those who can`t speak for themselves (such as children, animals, oppressed people, and Mother Nature and the environment). You`re here to help others hear and trust Divine messages. So this means you`ll be called into doing work as a teacher, where you convey important information, either in a formal setting such as a classroom or as you meet people along the way. 

As an Earth Angel, you`re also expected to do advocacy or activism work. This means staying aware of what is going on in the world and making sure everyone has a voice. In practical terms this means that you`ll sign petitions, speak out, spread awareness, go to meetings, contact your local representatives, volunteer, pray, and attend peaceful rallies.”


Source – Assertiveness for Earth Angels – How to be loving instead of “to nice”  – Doreen Virtue

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