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The vibration of 2023 – 7


I want to mention from the beginning that I am NOT a numerologist or an astrologer and that this message comes to me only from the angels’ perspective for the year 2023, guided by the oracle cards “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue and Kyle Gray. 

The energy of 2023 comes as an enhancer to the energy of 2022, especially in places where we have been postponing change. In 2022 we realized that all that we thought was true is not available anymore. The landmarks that we used to have keep on dissolving and we are faced with the need to create a new world for ourselves, in which we can redefine everything. In 2020 we found out what really matters, in 2021 we tested it, in 2022 we realized what works and what doesn’t and in 2023 we will continue repositioning ourselves, as change is essential. However, if until now we were pushed to look inside, now we have to pay it forward, to expose our opinions, to show ourselves more in all areas of life.

We will have plenty of surprises from people who start waking up and come asking for information. We will see in the media more and more spirituality and openness towards faith. There is this deep thirst of spirituality in humanity and we all know that the future cannot exist without integrating spirituality in our daily lives. In 2023 we are talking about saying YES to opportunities, about doing things we haven’t done before, about simplicity, receptivity, flow and innocence. We will continue feeling as if walking on mined land, we will have plenty of trials because we will be invited to take the stage, we will be exposed in front of the world and we will have to show ourselves as we are.

Masks will come off, we won’t be able to hide anymore, not even from ourselves. We will have to ask for help because there will be many changes taking place. It is necessary to connect to a different frequency, to believe in magical resolutions as it is the only way to bring this new energy to us, to move forward. The more we look back to our past, the more difficult it will be, as healing is not exactly what we think it is, or better said, evolution is different than we had expected.

We will have plenty of surprises and we will be amazed that life can be so different from the scenarios and stories we have lived so far. The more we align with our core, the brighter we will shine. Any network or guidance that is not passed through our personal filter, any tendency that is imposed upon ourselves will create attachments and our only chance is to understand, in the end, that each of us matters, that we are unique and that everything has to be adapted to who we really are. We are getting more inspiration than in 2022 but the choices are ours and we have to claim them.

The vibration of the year 2023 is 7.

The previous important year with a 7 vibration was 2014. 

Doreen Virtue has the following message on number 7:

“You are on the right path and the final result will exceed your expectations. Number 7 is a sign that divine magic supports you and opens the way to new opportunities.”

Kyle Gray has the following message on number 7:

“The energy of miracles surrounds you. Align your thoughts with the highest intentions possible.”

Number 7, from the messages I have received from the angels means the following: we are guiding you towards the right path. We are holding your hand when you need to explore and understand what isn’t right for you, we are helping you step back to understand better what you have to do, we are allowing you to make the so-called mistakes you need in order to learn your lessons. So, number 7 is this dance between action and receptivity, between decision and patience, between courage and integration, between masculine and feminine energy.

The seventh zodiac sign is Libra. Archangel Gabriel is an archangel who will ask a lot from us in this year 2023, but he will be working on the fear of taking decisions, of saying YES to opportunities, of throwing ourselves into the unknown and at the same time remaining balanced in all areas of life. It’s not really easy, it seems more like a balancing act but clearly we are given this opportunity right now. Archangel Gabriel is telling us that we need to decide, to stop postponing, to stop over-analyzing because we might miss important opportunities. So it is best to train this leaping into the unknown because otherwise we will feel like starting over and over again. We won’t be left alone until we make the necessary changes, the warning signs will keep on showing up.

When we look at the months of the year, the seventh month is JULY, also called the month of ripening, of baking. We know that if something has finished baking it has to be pulled out of the oven, as it will get burnt. The same as us humans, some aspects of our lives have ripened/baked and now they have to be consumed. It is no longer the case to keep something in the oven, it is the time to see which is the next step. Being the hottest month of the year, we will be in sweat, we will have lots of surprises, new information that can turn the world upside down.

According to biblical numerology, number 7 symbolizes God, the connection with the source. 

In the seventh day, God rested after completing creation. (Genesis 2:2).

The rainbow (which God created as a symbol of Him) has seven colors.

Number seven is the sign of a complete world, just as the month of July, something that reaches completion. We are talking about seven sins, seven wonders of the world, seven virtues, seven periods of the chemical elements in Mendeleev’s chart, seven musical notes, 7 being neutral on the PH scale, pure water having a 7 PH, the cat having 7 lives and so on.

Number seven is the number of the complete human, of someone who is committed, balanced, settled, something that is asked from us this year. We are talking about opportunities that can value our potential, our talents, our values. These opportunities we had better embrace. We will be corrected by divinity if we choose not to make the required changes. So, Divine Will will pass over our free will because all necessary warnings have been given to us. We should also not forget that seven is also the number of Divine protection, so only with God by our side can we move forward, only by having faith will we be safe.

If we also take number 7 from the angel tarot deck, we will find Archangel Metatron. The card is called The Triumphal Chariot and talks about us rising above our own limitations. It is time to evolve, to free ourselves from the past and to believe more in our divine essence.

So, we have in front of us another year of awakening, a year that can shatter many of our past anchors. A year that reminds us that change is the only constant and that only with God by our side we will be able to find ourselves, as the divine is inside us also. We are divine beings with human experience, it is good to remember that. We should not forget also that the symbol of the year is the yin & yang, the same as in 2022, which means that in the present moment in acceptance we find balance. It also brings about the need to balance the material with the spiritual and the other way around. In 2022 we each started to build the basis of a new world and now it is time to be of inspiration, of example to the ones around us.

2023 is a year in which we continue to wake up and to really activate the divinity inside us. If maybe in 2022 we saw an individual awakening, each of us had our moments of awakening, in 2023 we will assist a collective awakening through large scale events. Let’s not forget that before awakening we are asleep, before any transformation there is chaos, disaster. The old world falls apart in order to build the new world.

2023 exposes us a lot to new ways of healing, releasing, experimenting, things that we haven’t done before, things that we didn’t even know existed or possible. Each of us will have the chance to exceed his/her limits.

2023 will expose people with bad intentions, including at a collective level, as they will give themselves away and understand that the good side always wins. Unknown heroes will show up, people who come out of nowhere and offer us the tools we need to rise to another frequency.

2023 is that reset year that can bring us storms, floods, earthquakes, intoxications (both literally and figuratively) and we will need to believe in magical resolutions.

We are not alone, we will walk alongside God, the angels and Virgin Mary will hold us in her arms.

May Your Will be done!

God bless us!

Delia Mureșan

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