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The need for miracles


”Miracles are demonstrations of the divine Mind in action within your mind and experience. Miracles are needed as teaching devices, just as they were two thousand years ago. Every Miracle is a demonstration of the fact that love is stronger than fear.

Do not underestimate the degree to which your world is created out of fear.

Look around you. Look at your own thoughts. Is there any place where fear does not have a foothold?

I don’t ask you to do this to depress you. I would just have you be realistic.

See things as they are in your world. Take an inventory of your own thoughts. You cannot come to love unless you realize how much of your thinking is fear-based.

Bringing awareness to your fearful thoughts introduces the possibility of an alternative. But please do not try to replace negative, fearful thoughts with positive, loving thoughts. This just sets up conflict in your mind. Instead, let awareness work. Simply be aware of your fear and feel it.

Then, when you have felt it fully, simply say: “I am ready to move through

my fear now, Father. Please help me.” And be willing to receive the help you asked for. Your request will not be turned down, I assure you.

When you ask for help, you acknowledge that there is a power that is greater than your fear. You also indicate your desire to work with that power to move out of fear and conflict in your life.

There is one more suggestion I would make. When you ask for help, recognize that you are asking that your thoughts be changed. So affirm this “Father, I am willing to change my mind about this situation. Please help me see this, not through the eyes of fear, but as You see it. Help me see this with equal love for myself and all others.”

This, my brother, is a powerful prayer. Stay with it. Rest in its strength and

its peace. And let God answer you in every word, every gesture and every action. You cannot experience the Miracle unless you are willing to receive it.

To experience the Miracle, the following factors must be present:

You must know that you need it. You must ask for it sincerely. You must be willing to receive it.

When all three factors are present, the Miracle will manifest. Unfortunately, even if the Miracle has manifested in your life, you may not know it. Why is this? Because you have a preconception of what the Miracle is supposed to look like. So even though it is sitting right next to you, you might not recognize it.

What good is a Miracle if you can’t find it? If you would accept the Miracle into your heart, please understand that it might not look like you thought it would. Be open to its presence in your life, and allow it to reveal itself to you.

?some of you may ask: “why doesn’t God give me the Miracle I ask for?” That is because the Miracle you ask for may not free you from your fear.

Therefore, it is not miraculous, and your fear will just recreate the conditions that necessitated the demonstration you asked for.

Let God be the one to answer your prayer. Do not try to tell Him what you

need. He knows better than you do. Trust in that. Open to His presence in your life. Be willing to learn from Him and of Him. In that willingness, fear will be dissolved. In that willingness, you will awaken to your true nature.”

Source – Love without conditions – Paul Ferrini

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