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The Illusion of Insufficiency


”It arises out of The Third Illusion, for without the idea of Disunity, the idea of Insufficiency is insupportable. If there is only One Thing, and that One Thing Is All That Is, there can be no insufficiency of any kind, because that One Thing is everything, and thus . . . It is sufficient unto Itself. This is a statement of the nature of God. This is not, however, the experience of humans, because humans imagine themselves to be separate from God, and separate from each other as well. Yet no human is separate from God, since God is Everything that is. Therefore humans are not, and cannot be, separate from each other. This is a statement of the nature of humans.

It would be inaccurate to conclude that the idea of Disunity was a “bad idea,” that it did not serve your purpose. Indeed, the idea of separation was a blessed idea, allowing The Whole to understand that it was the sum of its parts, and even greater still. The illusion serves your purpose magnificently when you use the illusion as a tool to create experience.

When you forget that separation is an illusion, you imagine that it is the real state of things. The illusion no longer creates experience, it becomes experience. It is like feigning anger to make someone else more solicitous, and then actually becoming angry. Or feigning interest in someone in order to make someone else jealous, only to find that the illusion of interest has become very real indeed . . .

The device becomes the experience. By this process you have come to actually believe that you are separate; that Disunity is possible in the unified field you call the Universe. Now, I have described The Third Illusion as the most powerful Illusion, and that is true. It has had an enormous impact on your day-to-day experience. Most significantly, your belief in separation has led to your idea that there is “not enough.”

When there was only One Thing, and you knew that you were that One Thing, there was never a question of there not being enough. There was always enough of you. But when you decided that there was more than One Thing, then (and only then) could it appear that there was not enough of the other thing.

This “other thing” that you think there is, is the stuff of Life. Yet you are Life, and that which Life is—which is God, Itself. Still, as long as you imagine that you are separate from God, you will imagine that you are something other than what God is—which is Life itself. You may think that you are that which lives, but you will not imagine yourself to be Life Itself.

This separation of Itself from Itself is what you have called the casting out from the Garden of Eden. Suddenly, where once there was eternal life, now there is death. Suddenly, where once there was abundance, now there is not enough. Suddenly, it seems that there are many aspects of life competing for Life Itself. This is possible in Ultimate Reality, but not in your imagination. You can even imagine that you are in competition—with the birds, with the bees, with every other living thing and all other human beings.

You can create a nightmare in which all that supports your life seems to limit it. Thus, you will actually attempt to subdue that which supports you. You were told to have dominion, but you have decided that this means domination. So you have actually begun a war with nature, and with the natural order of things.

You have used science and technology to twist and turn and manipulate nature so that it bends to your will. You are slowly destroying nature as it naturally is in an attempt to experience yourself as you already naturally are. You already are what you seek to be—eternal, unlimited, and one with all—yet you do not remember this. And so, you seek to subdue Life in order that you may have more abundant Life. And you do not even see what you are doing.

Life becomes the single common denominator. Everyone wants Life, and the things that support Life. And, because you think there is more than one of you, you are afraid that there may not be enough Life to go around. Out of this fear you produce your next imagined reality: death.

A life that you thought to be eternal (until you imagined that you were separate, it never occurred to you that you would not always “be”) now seems to have a beginning and an end. This is the Illusion of Insufficiency played out at the highest level. The experience of your life beginning and ending is really nothing more than the onset and the dissolution of your idea of yourself as “separate.” At a conscious level, you may not know this. At a higher level this is always clear.

It is at this higher level that you seek to end the experience of separation, to remind yourself that this is an illusion you have created. Though I have told you many times, it is a good time now to discuss once more why you have created it. You have created the Illusion of Disunity in order to experience the reality of Oneness. Only when you are outside the reality can you experience it. When you are part of The Whole, you cannot experience yourself as The Whole, because there is nothing else. And, in the absence of that which you are not, that which you are, is not.

In the absence of cold, hot is not. In the absence of tall, short is not. If everything is short, then nothing is short, because “short” does not exist as something that can be known. It may exist as a concept, but it is not a concept that you can directly experience. It can only be an idea, never your experienced reality. Similarly, in the absence of Disunity, unity is not. If everything is experienced as unified, then nothing can be experienced as unified, because “unity” does not exist as a discrete experience. It is not something that can be known. It may exist as a concept, but it is not a concept that you can directly experience. It can only be an idea, never your experienced reality.

In this context, you cannot know yourself as Who You Really Are. Yet it is our wish to know ourselves as Who We Really Are. Thus, we must first create the experience of Who We Are Not. Since we cannot create this experience in Ultimate Reality, we must do so through illusion. In this way, we can rejoice in what is really so, and know it. In this way, we can experience Who We Really Are. The All Of It. The One And Only. We are The Collective, The Single Reality In Multiple Form—having taken Multiple Form that we might notice and experience the glory of our Single Reality. This is a simple explanation of the purpose of relativity, which I have given you many times in our ongoing dialogue. It is repeated here so that you may understand it thoroughly, so that you may awaken from your dream.

Until you awaken from your dream, the illusion of Disunity from Life will create a perceived need to survive. Before separation, you never questioned your survival. Only when you stepped away from Life (Me), and imagined yourself as separate, did Life Itself become that of which there was “not enough.” You began to make decisions about what you felt you had to do to survive—to have more life. This became your primary goal, your new basic instinct. You even began to think that the reason you coupled with others was to guarantee your survival as a species. You lost sight of the fact that you coupled in response to the only real instinct, which is love.

You have called your new basic instinct The Survival Instinct, based on your idea that you might not survive. This idea is false, for your survival is guaranteed forever, and even forevermore. Yet you do not remember this, and so do not think there is enough Life, given that there are so many aspects of life competing for it. And, indeed, that is how you see it. You imagine that you are in competition with all the other “stuff of Life” for Life Itself. You are competing with your very self for more of your self. Your belief in Insufficiency has even led you to conclude that there is not enough God. Not only is there not enough Life (which you translate into a belief in death), and not only is there not enough of the stuff of Life (which you translate into a belief in lack), there is not even enough of That Which Created Life (which you translate into a belief in a limited God).

Because all of these things are limited, you must compete for them. And you are destroying your planet and yourselves because of this belief. You are even destroying yourselves in your competitions for God, which you call religions. You have been killing yourselves, sometimes seeking to annihilate entire civilizations, in your insane competition for God. You do not admit that you are doing these things, because to admit it would be to acknowledge that there may be something inaccurate about the way you view life and the world— and particularly about the way you view God—and this you have not been able to do.

Such an admission would require enormous humility, and humility is not presently a large part of your planet’s philosophy or theology. Your theologies, in particular, have been most arrogant, assuming and proclaiming to have all the answers—leaving no questions and entertaining no doubts. Yet something about these beliefs is not working. The idea that there is not enough—not enough God, not enough of the stuff of Life, not enough Life Itself—has led to more than simple competition. It has led to brutal repression, to suppression, and to massive depression.

Religions have repressed frank and honest inquiry, governments have suppressed dissent, and millions of people live, as a result, in both economic and psychological depression. All of this has come out of the idea that Insufficiency Exists—for sufficiency would solve all of this. If you thought that there was enough to go around, there would be no more self-destructive behaviors, no more fighting over resources, no more squabbling over God. But there is not enough. About this you are clear. Still, if there is not enough, how does one get enough? How can survival be assured without killing and squabbling?

Clearly, there was a flaw in The Fourth Illusion. This should have revealed the idea of insufficiency as false, but humans knew at some very deep level that they could not give up the Illusion, or something very vital would come to an end. Again, they were right. But again, they made a mistake. Instead of seeing the illusion as an illusion, and using it for the purpose for which it was intended, they thought they had to fix the flaw. It was to fix the flaw in The Fourth Illusion that The Fifth Illusion was created.”

Source – Communion with God – Neale Donald Walsch

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