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Angel Reading for the Year 2022


Intuitive guidance for the year 2022 using oracle cards

I used 2 sets of oracle cards: Angels Tarot Cards – Radleigh Valentine and a message in addition and as a clarification from the Oracle Cards Archangel Michael.

Angels send us messages by connecting to the POTENTIAL we have, what we can do, they confirm something that in the depths of our soul we already know but we are afraid to act or we do not have enough faith. The angels only guide us, they show us the prognosis, they show us ONLY the positive aspects, they show us “where” we have work to do. Also, they respect our free will, therefore some things may not happen because WE have chosen something else. They are preparing us in order to make everything easier and provide us the tools we need. For example, if we know that winter is coming, we prepare ourselves with boots, thick clothes, etc.

The angels’ tarot cards have as major arcana the 15 Archangels and as minor arcana the 4 elements: air, fire, water and earth, I extracted a card from this set plus an extra card from Archangel Michael set to complete for each month.


Adapting to the NEW world

This old world is falling apart, meaning we can no longer anchor ourselves to the things we once knew, and so we need support. Archangel Gabriel is with us, he is both gentle and firm, he comes with the awakening/horn, he puts us on the path of our mission but he also supports us for the healing of our inner child.

One of the messages he gave me now at the end of 2021 was a suggestion – let’s each think about where our weaknesses are, because that’s where it’s important to pay attention and be aware of what we can change and not run away or hide. Archangel Gabriel comes with a lot of gifts and a lot of support, but we can’t negotiate anything with him.

In terms of materialization, 2022 is a year that has three of two. You will see that in the messages related to the symbol of the year there is a lot of energy from these three of the two and it is about duality, people who choose and people who do not want to choose, feminine-masculine, old energy and new energy, darkness and light, etc.

No matter what happens: 1. You are not alone; 2. The moment you have to decide and make your decision you will know what to do, but not before. 3. Living in the present is important and it is essential that we stay connected to this energy so that we can truly see beyond the veil.


In January we have Archangel Raphael with us. This book tells us a lot about relationships, about important decisions. We need to be careful about our health. The number of the tarot card is six so we will be quite provoked by fear and we will have a lot of moments to worry about. It is good not to go into a state of fear (we replace fear with faith). It is no coincidence that the vibration of the year is six.

January will work us out on all types of partnerships. All close relationships begin to be tested. These relationships will have to move on to another energy, to transform, to evolve. Relationship compromises can no longer be sustained. Archangel Raphael tells us that we need healthy relationships, we can no longer allow toxic and unhealthy relationships to be in our lives.

Archangel Raphael asks us to work with us and reposition ourselves if we somatize because of our relationships. The other is not to blame and this victimization strategy will no longer work. We can intend to realign ourselves to what is best for us.

Also, Archangel Raphael makes us think about why we have certain health challenges, why we somatize, he sets and resets everything that means health or even healing. He supports us to understand our body, our energy and to move to another level from this point of view. Archangel Raphael connects us to everything that means healing and new ways of healing. It is important for those who have a mission to help people on their healing path to take on their mission. They can’t hide anymore.

Our message is repeated and we need to know that compromises are no longer accepted and to admit the situations that are pulling us down. There really is no room for procrastination or apology.

Archangel Michael tells us that all things are in line with our highest good and there is a favorable result even if it is difficult for us to see it. We need to give up control and do what we feel is right for us, so that things will settle down and be balanced. And Archangel Michael draws our attention to toxic relationships, it is important to act and get out of them. Archangel Michael tells us to have confidence and faith.


In February 2022 we have a book of fire (Nine of Fire), which is related to the mission. We clearly need a change if we are still compromising related to the job, where we no longer feel that we belong, if we have excessive expectations or if we still hope that some situations will be resolved. This message is a call to all that it means to put ourselves in God’s service and to be where God wants us to be.

In February it is good to set out the intention that we are on the mission, to understand what we have to do professionally. Everything we have done so far will help and support us.

It is possible to have the opposition of others, maybe downplay, maybe people to disappoint us, it is important to have confidence and courage to move forward. We will not be able to ignore this call, so we should stop resisting and let ourselves be led where we are needed.

For those of us who are already on their mission, it will be a lot of work, but we will need to make ourselves more available to others and we may need to come up with new solutions or repositioning, new methods, new tools in order to support everything all this energy.

Archangel Michael tells us in addition that we have done nothing wrong, which again confirms that we will disappoint certain people and others will disappoint us. We may go through a variety of situations: we may need to leave a job, we may need to tell someone that we no longer want something and maybe that person may have relied on us or we may need to tell the loved ones that we want some time for ourselves or maybe we will not earn enough in a certain period of time and we need support or maybe we will receive reproaches. We are told however that we have done nothing wrong.

As in January, the idea that we should not return to toxic relationships, even if we wanted to return to our comfort zone, is reinforced. It’s time to move on.

MARCH 2022

Archangel Michael comes with us this month, the card is The Emperor (number Four) – organization, logic and structure, discipline, leadership. We will need to be centered, to be in position, no matter what happens outside of us. We can say this statement (as a mantra to repeat over and over again): I know what to do. We’ll feel like we’ve been put in the washing machine.

We will need to come together, we will need to understand things and have that connection with intuition to be clear at least the first step we have to take. We will need to take decisions and take responsibility.

Archangel Michael, in addition, tells us to get out of that unhealthy situation. In March we will have to act to make things as clear as possible and get out of any unhealthy situation, to have the courage to make the necessary changes. March can come as a culmination of everything we did in 2021 but also in the first two months of this year. Now the line is drawn, the calculation is made and we have to sign up everything. The action is extremely important this month.

APRIL 2022

In April we have an earth card (Three of Earth) and we will feel it as a moment of respite, of breath. This month comes with the need for creativity, it expresses the power of creativity in teamwork. In April we receive very clear signs if our actions have paid off or not, so if we acted now we can receive recognition, we can receive the confirmations we have been waiting for. April is the perfect month to create projects or create things or work with someone, it is the perfect month to do these things.

Being the energy of three, the team can be three people or it can be three people as energy to start a project. We will understand what we have done well and what we have not, but it is an energy that sustains us, it is not an energy that is felt like it is grounding us. We can breathe a sigh of relief that we have learned what is working and what is not and we know even more clearly what we have to do.

Archangel Michael, in additon, tells us that the people we meet and especially one of them, maybe the one we start that collaboration with, is a trustworthy person. This person is the one who can help or support us or we can meet a certain person who inspires us or sends us an important message. Thanks to this person, we will be able to reposition ourselves and understand what we have to do. So let’s pay attention to the people we meet this month.

MAY 2022

In May we have a card of water (Ten of Water) and the emphasis this month is on everything that means family and the needs of the family, emotional and material needs. I would say that in May the emphasis will be very much on family relationships (parents-children, ancestors), not on professional ones as in previous months. Inheritance, from ancestors, family secrets, disputes of any kind can come to the surface. The intention that we should set ourselves this month is to have a happy and fulfilled family life, that is, to find myself in that “home” with my loved ones.

I also notice the need to work and heal our inner child, maybe some traumas in the family will make us think and we will understand that we are responsible for certain things that we create and carry on (we can give them to our children). Somehow we realize that it is not our parents’ fault, that it is actually our responsibility to heal.

The quality of our relationships also depends on the baggage we bring with us. So if we want a trusting, harmonious relationship, we must heal the past and honor our parents, our ancestors. If we also have children it is essential that we focus on the relationship with them, that we do not blame them, and that we do not blame them for or overwhelm them with our problems. Let us be with them as they need us not as we think.

Archangel Michael, in addition, tells us – the guidance received is real and reliable, that is, we must connect with our intuition, put our ego aside and stop blaming others. For example, we can impose it on others by saying: I know better, I’ve been through this before, do as I say… when in fact there is no need to intervene. As for blaming, we can no longer say: I am like this or I react like this because I had an unhappy childhood. We must take responsibility that we are the only ones to blame for the way we live our lives.

JUNE 2022

In June we have a fire card (Four of Fire), it comes as a crowning. If we feel that we are not stable or that certain things are not going well, this June we may feel that things are starting to balance. It is recommended to practice gratitude, because we may want more or force things. Let’s not try to take advantage of this energy because it’s not about that right now. We may also have some extra resources in the financial area, but it is possible that they will be invested in the family area. Even if we stabilize, we will not be able to use resources (including time, energy, money) as we want, but as God will dictate to us. We need to be thankful that things are going well and not be upset that we can’t do what we want.

June may come with renovations, relocations, new developments, the completion of projects, because we need to bring some fresh energy into our lives.

The card coming from Archangel Michael tells us that what we once dreamed of can now be fulfilled. However, it is not necessary to force or push things more than necessary. Through this message, Archangel Michael sends us to replace fear with faith, to have the courage, confidence and strength to enjoy everything we manifest.

JULY 2022

In July we have a card of fire (Queen of Fire) – we have the support of a feminine energy: confident, warm, intelligent and graceful, it is an energy that helps us to spread our wings and to take more responsibility, to do what we didn’t think we could do, it gives us more independence and creativity. So it would be good to cultivate these skills: to be more confident, empathetic, to act intelligently and easily. Let’s also pay attention to the interactions with people with feminine energy who have these qualities, we will have a lot to learn from them.

In July we need to do what we are afraid of, we need to say YES in the situations we run away from because we will succeed. For example, let’s take responsibility that we do something on our own. We will need to take responsibility of our independence and it would be good to let go of our energy cords in case there are situations in which we do not feel good and especially if we feel constrained. From a professional point of view, maybe we should re-evaluate our relationships and impose ourselves with a lot of warmth, lightness, intelligence, not drama. We know very clearly what our position is now and we take responsibility of it.

Archangel Michael tells us in addition not to forget to have a sense of humor. It is clear that we will step out of our comfort zone, but we must look at each experience in a new light in order to attract love and healing energy. He tells us that he supports us, that he will let us go and that he will accompany us every step of the way. All the actions we take this month must be done with detachment and not take things personally. Let’s face it – let’s see what happens next out of what I planned by now.


In August, Archangel Uriel comes with us, the card is called The Sun. He tells us that we already have results, everything is fine. The ideas that come to us in August can have a long way to go, they are ideas that can lead us to success, to a new stage. It is a very powerful infusion of everything that means trust, empowerment, activation of inner power. Archangel Uriel activates a force in us and we can feel that nothing can stand in our way related to what we set out to do.

It is important to be careful around the date of August 19th because then we can have some revelations and I would even recommend this month that you have a notebook with you all the time, to write down what ideas you have because they can make a difference moving onward.

Also, The Sun (the card) tells us to stand out more, to take responsibility of our own light, even if it will bother some and to understand much more of what we have to do. On the stage of life we ​​now take responsibility of our main role and we see how this role is received by those around us but also how we feel in this role.

Archangel Michael tells us very clearly – trust and honor your feelings. So in order to recognize how we feel, whether they are positive or negative emotions, it is important to be aware of them. Only then will we gain confidence, overcome our fears and do what we have to do. Let us not pretend that everything is fine if it is not, but let us lovingly manage everything that comes to the surface now.


In September we also have a fire card (Six of Fire) that comes with good news, with recognition, with awards, with an energy that makes us feel rewarded but also comes with a lot of fatigue, exhaustion, agitation, with many thoughts. We managed to deal with a lot and now we can feel it. It’s that feeling of success but after a lot of effort, a lot of struggle.

The challenge this month is to rejoice, to sit down, to integrate as much as possible of everything we have managed to do so far. Even if it is a card that brings us good news, we can feel the need to give up, we can tell ourselves that it was too hard, that we no longer feel like doing anything or that it doesn’t make sense to move on. It is not necessary to make plans but only to give ourselves time for integration and rest. Let us set ourselves the intention of dissolving that inner struggle which we can cling to without wanting to.

The card from Archangel Michael in addition tells us to pray, to sit down, to be grateful in this situation, and to let things settle down as best they can. Prayer will connect us to the present moment and will not let us go into the past or the future. We will focus within our heart and we will be able to feel our heart full. We really have many reasons to be grateful.


In October we have a card of earth (Seven of Earth), it is not a month in which too many things can happen. We plant seeds, we may think about what is important to us, we can consult with other people, but we might feel that nothing is connected. Even if we act: we give a phone call, we ask someone how he did a certain thing, we document ourselves, everything seems in vain but it is not like that at all. What we are doing now is moving the energy. The seeds, from the moment they are planted, they need time, there is no need to worry. So let’s not try to destroy these seeds by rummaging through them and ruining their roots. In October we can do a lot of things, we can start various projects, even if not all of them will come out, there is no need to worry or panic. The important thing is to take as many actions as possible on the path we want to take. So let’s take the initiative and do everything detached.

The card from Archangel Michael in addition tells us to protect ourselves. This message usually comes when we tend to reveal much more to others than we should and be careful not to communicate too much about our projects, our plans, because others might access and implement them. So, pay attention to the people around us, let’s see who we can rely on and who we can’t. The most important thing is not to leave the house and every time we meet someone do not forget to protect ourselves. In this way we will be able to act exactly as needed and thus protect our ideas and projects.


This November we have an earth card (The Ace of Earth), it comes in abundance, associations, contracts, documents, all these seeds that we planted in October are starting to bear fruit and it is like a way out of the tunnel. A lot of things we did in February or April can work this November.

There are important issues that will be linked at the end of the year so there may be situations that take us out of our comfort zone throughout the year, but then we have this chance in November to sign a contract, to attract some money, or to have some money to make some investments.

Archangel Michael tells us to make a commitment to ourselves, to our lives, and to our purpose in this life. This commitment that we make in November will have to be directly related to supporting our mission and we will receive what we need, even if we do not expect it. For example, if you need a car to support you in your mission, this can materialize, but if you want a car so that you can ride around, this will not happen. So everything that materializes will support us to do our mission and in this way we must set our intentions as well.


We end the year with Archangel Sandalphon in December 2022, we have the card number Five which is called: Unity. Being united is actually a challenge that we will have all year round, in fact it has tested us since 2020. We will need to make changes so that we are united, to understand each other even if we have different opinions, it is about a unity at the level of spiritual teachings with the same purpose and the same intention to help others. We do not need to think the same way, but to transcend the mind, the small interests and to unite our hearts, to unite in feeling. That is the message of Archangel Sandalphon.

We all have this mission to find that way to help each other through everything we have discovered, without comparing, without saying what is best. It will work exactly what is right for everyone and that does not mean that one method is better than another, one teacher is better than another. The challenge is to stay united for the good of others. More specifically, we will be challenged to the spiritual ego, so we would do well to recognize it and know how to fine-tune it.

There will be also a reconfiguration, a restructuring from a spiritual point of view, what we knew about spirituality will disappear and it will be something completely different, another energy that I cannot describe it right now.

Archangel Michael tells us that we have to give up all kinds of attachments related to the result. For example, we can’t help someone if they don’t want our help regardless of how much we know or how much we want to help them. So Archangel Michael also points out that we will need to put this egotic part aside, which will be difficult because this is how we have lived our lives so far.

This is not just about the role of spiritual teachers, it is about the role of each individual person because the way we behave with friends, with family, says a lot about how we carry the light forward.

As a conclusion, the year 2022 is the year in which we integrate almost everything we have learned so far. After a year 2021 that gave us practical tests, a year in which we were put on the wall and we all needed to find out what we believe in and what our values ​​are, this year 2022 is coming, which overturns everything we knew we know. We don’t have any air cards this year, so anything we may try to understand with our minds will be a failure. We will need a lot of wisdom because many will not make any sense or have any logic. In addition to the Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel of the year, we have the Archangels Raphael, Michael, Uriel and Sandalphon by our side. They all lead us to everything that means responsibility, commitment, meaning, light, healthy relationships, finding the tribe and that home in our soul. We only have a water card that assists us in everything that means family, related to our emotional and material needs. We are not allowed to complain in pity or act like victims, it is not the case. We have three cards of earth that will show us that what we want can be achieved if we show up for duty and make the necessary changes. If we are aligned with our mission, anything is possible. We have four fire cards, which means that this year the focus is not only on the professional side but especially on the mission. If until now we have been flirting with the mission, now the trumpet sounds and we have to present ourselves without finding any excuses. There is no time to negotiate, the summons has been received, now is the time to get to work. So let’s be present on duty – each of us. If we are on duty we may expect a lot of work this year which should honor us.

The year 2022 is like a continuation of the actions of 2021, because if in 2021 we stagnated we will feel much more pressured this year, but if we did our job in 2021, this year comes as a natural continuation of things. It is no coincidence that the symbol of 2021 (tree of life) and 2022 (ying and yang) are often found together in many representations.

Just like every year we receive a few landmarks (anchors) to guide us every step of the way.

Archangel of the Year: Archangel Gabriel

Colors of the year: white and gold

Crystal: lapis lazuli

Symbol of the year: Ying and Yang

Song of the Year 2022: Sade, Flower of the Universe

Recommended movie with many messages that will support us in 2022:

A wrinkle in time

Statement of the year:

I believe in magical solutions!


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