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”Accumulating more is the hallmark of the separated ego, which wants to create a substitute for Haven. Like a “kid in a candy store”, the ego continuously strives for a high that is only obtainable through the higher-self consciousness of love and oneness.

Yet the ego is not at all aware of love, just temporary satisfaction. This is where we see humans “chasing the high” that they initially get with that first bite, first sip, or first inhale, or when an item is newly purchased. This high wears off quickly way to get that high and keep it. 

The ego`s highs are necessarily temporary, because God did not create them-fear did. 

This is not to say that you can’t aspire to have a safe and comfortable home and automobile, the clothing and food that you need, and so forth.

Here is the litmus test to help you recognize if your desires are ego based (with temporary pleasure) or higher-self based (with lasting peace):

  • If it`s a desire of the ego, the basis is separation, such as trying to impress someone, to like or forgive you, display how much power or money you have, protect yourself from power plays or attack, win a competition, or feel an addictive high from acquiring the desired object or situation.
  •   If it’s a desire of the higher-self, the basis is oneness and love, such as following your inner guidance to further your education for your life purpose, having a place or forum for teaching or healing others, selling your services or goods because they bring blessings to others, or a genuine wish to serve. 

With both scenarios, you will receive something in exchange for your efforts. As you can see, the more desirable of the two pathways is love. 

You`ll also experience an added benefit from following the pathway of love: attracting love-based  people  who are drawn to your mision, and desire to support and help you. This is contrasted to walking the path of separation and selfishness, which pushes other people away.

The higher-self pathway feels natural and comfortable, like a warm hug. There`s no need to sacrifice, please, appease, or appeal for anything to win your peace. You`ve already got it!”

Source – 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know – Doreen Virtue

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