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Red Flags


”The angels will always protect you from entering toxic relationships, provided that you pay attention to the signs they send to you. If you don’t listen, you’ll end up in a toxic or even abusive relationship. In relationships, these signs are called red flags, which are cautionary messages you receive from your intuition, your body’s signals, and your angels.

When you meet someone new, your stomach will tell you immediately about the energy of the person and of the potential relationship. Always pay attention to what your stomach does in the presence of another person, because it will tell you the truth. That’s why they say to trust your gut. 

If your stomach muscles tighten, it’s a sign that you’re stressed in that person’s presence. It can also mean that the other person is stressed around you, and you’re picking up on his or her tension. Either way, you’re feeling tension, and that’s something to consider when deciding whether or not to move forward with this relationship.

Next, watch the person’s actions and listen to his or her words. Notice any signs that he or she is lying to others and bragging about how he or she got away with something, or any other exhibition of unethical tendencies. Watch for any talk of racism or racist jokes. Also, notice if the person gossips about mutual friends or puts people down in unkind ways. Yes, it might be amusing to engage in gossip about others or laugh at them behind their backs. But know that this person will also be trash-talking and gossiping about you.

Every time your stomach gets tense, that’s one red flag. With each new person, you’ll want to be conscious of these red flags before you completely open yourself up to him or her. If you get red-flag warnings about someone’s character, that’s your angels’ way of protecting you. The angels are trying to steer you away from that relationship.”

Source – Assertiveness for Earth Angels – How to be loving instead of “to nice”  – Doreen Virtue

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