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“The only form of giving that leads to spiritual growth and true peace is when you give because you`re guided to. Doing so because you feel guilty, sorry for someone, or obligated is giving from a place of fear. That means you`d be acting from your lower self, and the gift-whether it’s time, money, help, advice, support, or love-would be tainted with the lower frequencies of that guilt, fear, or obligation energy.

As Earth Angels, we`re here to give, help, and heal. And the reason why we give is the difference between creating a life of joy for ourselves and others…and living like a victim or martyr in mistery:

  • If you`re giving because you hope that you`ll be appreciated and loved for all that you do, you`ll constantly feel disappointed that you`re not getting as much in return as you gave. You`ll also have an empty feeling that people love you for what you can do for them, instead of for who you are. 
  • If you`re giving in order to keep someone from being angry with you, then you`ll always feel nervous, like you have to walk on eggshells in case that person, despite your efforts, still decides to be upset with you. 
  • If you`re giving because you hope that the person will help you in return, you`ll always feel guilty that your true intentions were impure. You`ll also feel hurt when the other person doesn’t reciprocate.

Only give because you truly are happy to do so. In that experience, you`ll find your heavenly bliss. In fact, a good rule to live by is:

Never do anything unless you want to. Either don`t do the action, or go meditate and pray until you can shift your mind-set to one of happiness toward it.”

Source – Assertiveness for Earth Angels – How to be loving instead of “to nice”  – Doreen Virtue

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