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About feeling SAFE in the arms of the angels or about protection


First of all this word programs you. When you say “protection”, it is clear that you PROTECT yourself from SOMETHING. I try to avoid as much as I can this word, although it comes hard. I like using positive words, we all know how much the words can influence us. So I say: I feel safe… or In order to feel safe, I call on Archangel Michael.

Methods we can use:

a. CLEAR WHITE LIGHT – color/light – this is for general use, it helps feeling physically secure, yourself, your car, you plane etc.
How do we do this: Archangel Michael, help me and surround me in white color, in a white CLOAK of light. We bathe in this light.

b. PINK – helps the heart stay open and the energy of love to be present.
It can be used when you teach or when you are with your clients or with your friends. It helps you communicate from your heart but not take over any of the energy around.

c. VIOLET – when we want to be with ourselves (it is thicker than the others)
It can be used when you are in a crowd and the energies are very scattered and you don’t feel good, when you need introspection. The violet flame transforms any energy into love. This energy makes you feel secure, but it only lasts as long as we are connected to it. If we talk “foolish”, if we judge, if we think negative, it normally goes away.

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