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Prayer to Goddess Dana


Wear, look or hold a symbolic object that will make you feel fulfilled. You may look at the picture of some lovers, at a house that you desire, etc., imagine that you hold in your arms the baby that you want, you may wear a ring that has a certain meaning or you may keep in your hand a heart that represents your heart. So start a magic exercise. Imagine that you have unlimited resources and you have all the support of the goddess Dana and the angels and that what you want will be fulfilled in the best way for you. Close your eyes and visualize your desire already fulfilled and the FEELING that you have when it is fulfilled.

Then address the goddess Dana:

“Dana, thank you for giving me your magic powers, which I use now to serve joy, joy and support for my divine mission. Thank you for your generosity to show me how to accept myself and accept these resources and how to enjoy them. Thank you for helping me to receive without blaming myself and knowing that I deserve this attention or support that ultimately will allow me to help the planet. Thank you, goddess Dana, for the magic that you bring into my life!”

This is how it is and so be it.

– Archangels & Ascended Masters, Doreen Virtue

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