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Prayer for the romanian people


Lord God, Blessed Virgin Mary, Beloved Jesus, dear Archangels, Angels and all beings of light who watch over us, dear ancestors of this Holy Land called ROMANIA, our dear Father Arsenie Boca, YOU, we thank you and accept your help in bringing FAITH AND LOVE to this country, in bringing UNITY to the hearts of every ROMANIAN, in bringing healing and balm to the soul. Thank you for being with us in this special mission, thank you for your unconditional love and for all the messages you give us to help this people and every being born here. Give us NOW the gift of faith, the gift of love, the gift of trust, the gift of courage to FOLLOW our mission and bring peace to our souls and to those around us.

God help us! This is how it is and so be it!

– Delia Mureșan

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