My Story

About me

... I heard a calling ... the angels were calling for me.

I know that feeling of being lost or that you don’t feel you belong to this world. I know that frustration of not being able to figure out what is your life purpose and what you want in life.

I know that feeling of loneliness and sadness. I’ve been there so I know how to guide you and give you a hand. In that very moment of powerful awakening I discover the divinity within me and I will help you discover yours.

Many people think that I woke up one morning and I said to myself, “That’s it! From today I will work with the angels.”

I heard the calling, but I had to trust the process and my rhythm, I had a lot of challenges along the way but I never felt alone anymore, ori frustrated, or sad because I had the angels with me every stept of the way.

One big step was when I assumed my life purspose and stept out of the closet. Yes, I lost friends, people were calling me names but I knew this is my path and I own it.

How I Became An Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher

...I discovered coaching...

Therefore, in 2004-2005 I was at a crossroads and I chose the comfort zone.

I chose what I THOUGHT would suit me, what WAS POLITICALLY CORRECT IN THE WORLD, what would make those around me proud, but I didn’t choose what I felt right and I didn’t take any risks.

Moreover, I postponed my journey and, despite all the obstacles, I waited for “that” opportunity to appear.

I worked in the corporate world and tried my best to adapt. I felt like I was forcing myself to resist and couldn’t find my way. At one point I was given the opportunity to work with people and I discovered coaching.

That’s how I found the light and then I thought I want to guide people to find their light.

So, in 2008 this light inspired me to have my first seminar. I have so happy to find something that nourishes my soul.

... taking a leap of faith ...

Then the moment I have afraid came. I had to take a leap of faith and take full responsibility of my life. I realized that I can’t wait any longer, that dreams do not come true because I am the one that gives life to my dreams. So, in 2008 I decided to to follow my heart.

For everything I have built, from then until now, I have worked, fallen and risen. Countless times.

Thus, in 2008 I started coaching other people (career coaching), combining my experience in human resources with my credentials as a psychologist and psychotherapist and I continued to give seminars and programs in personal and spiritual development.

Because I wanted to shed light on people’s souls, I started writing articles, hosting events and workshops. I just wanted to be where I was needed and people to know they are heard and not alone.

... no one has your talents and abilities ... you are unique… there is no one like you in this entire world

From the very beginning, I set out the intention to learn from the best people in the field, so I decided to go to the United States of America and then to Europe for workshops and events, participating in dozens of programs. I love to learn and evolve, this is an on-going process.

I have had the honor of meeting most of the leaders in personal and spiritual development: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispensa, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss, Don Miguel Ruiz, Doreen Virtue, Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper, Colette Byron Reid, John Holland, James van Praagh, etc.

I was inspired by them but I always wanted to remain Myself, with my life purpose, and not putting anyone on the pedestal. That’s how I created what I have today, my personal style, my authenticity and I’m proud to touch the souls of people who know that they are also unique and special. Remember: There is no one in the world like you.'s never too late...

Going back to my beginnings, even if it wasn’t easy, even if I had challenges, I felt like I was flying, because for the first time I was following my heart and I felt that I was doing God’s work. But I knew that was not all, there was something else, something I still didn’t want to assume.

When you are on this path, it is absolutely necessary to be an inspiration to others. Change and flexibility have become a constant since then, and I am the living proof that it is never too late and yes, you can live your life authentically and beautifully.

In 2011 I bought from a bookstore a set of oracle cards. I remember looking at them and thinking: what I am going to do with this set of oracle cards, “Messages from the Angels.”?! But I already knew that this is a clear sign and I have to pay attention.

... I needed to FORGET everything I knew ...

I started using these oracle cards at my seminars and something magical happen. I was remembering.

I had this gift in me for so many lives. I wasn’t new to this world of reading sand angels. I had this pychic abilities in me for generations and many lives.

I can’t describe this feeling, it’s magical. So, from that moment I started to work closely with angels and I also find my tribe, my people.

From that moment on until today, every time I do activities with and about angels, helping people to be closer to the angels and to God, I feel a divine joy, a pure child’s joy.

In order to follow the path of the angels, I needed to FORGET everything I knew. As a professional psychologist, but especially as a trainer, when I was in front of people, I felt the need to prepare thoroughly.

But the angels work THROUGH me, all I have to do is step aside. It was one of the hardest steps because I had to let go of control and just be there, be a channel

... connected to this wonderful energy ...

The road was not without challenges. Obviously, due to the pressures of others, I started to have doubts: that I don’t have credentials, who am I to do this, I’m not trained enough, etc.

I am convinced that we are all going through this phase. Believe me, I feel you and I was there. No matter how many courses I took, I thought they weren’t enough.

But because I asked for help, the angels made everything possible. I got all the certifications that I though I needed in United States of America, Europe and Romania.

I didn’t have the money to travel or for any of these certifications but the angels helped me and when you believe miracles happen.

I received the money for the certification made by Charles Virtue as a gift. It’s fantastic when you are on your path that all the gates open.

I always say: for the angels there are no big dreams or small dreams, big wishes or small wishes, everything that makes us happy is their responsibility to help us.

... I want my story to inspire you ...

I have been guiding people in the world of angels for almost 10 years. Looking back, I took a journey from a set of oracle cards that came into my hands to publishing my first set of oracle cards: “Messages from the Archangels”. Now this set of oracle cards ends up “accidentally” in the hands of thousands of people. This alone speaks for itself.

I am glad to see daily how people discover this world of angels and choose to transform their lives. When your life purpose calls you, you let yourself flow where you are needed.

I want my story to inspire you, follow your heart, and let the angels be a part of your life. I can’t wait to read or hear your story.

Don’t forget when your heart speaks, all you have to do is to listen. Angels are calling for you.

Thanks for being here with me.

Angels Blessing,


Because I had the chance to meet a few of the most important people in this field, I would like to end the presentation with some old but very dear to me photos.