Welcome to the world of angels!

My perspective on communicating with the angels

I am continually training, always learning, I am always paying attention to what comes towards me. I consider there is no unique truth, so even though some information about the angels seem contradictory, everybody is right. What I did do was to study different perspectives on angels, not only that of Doreen Virtue. This is how I managed after 4 years of continual seminaries and meditations, after thousands of oracle cards reading, to finally have a personal perspective over this fascinating world.

The angels are ENERGY; they take the form that we can perceive. Some of us see them fat and winged; others see them like old sages. Every form that you perceive is O.K. The state of unconditional love which they offer you is what really matters. You feel as embraced by the divinity and you wouldn’t want to go.

In the beginning it might be hard for you to perceive them, especially due to the mind that doesn’t let the inner voice be heard. But with love and patience you will reach this world. The angels are for everybody, you cannot “not resonate” with this world, so most certainly it is right for you.

How are the messages being transmitted to us?

At birth we received some gifts, but because of not being used, they become a little stuck, inactive, but they are all within us. By these gifts we can receive the messages from the angels.

1. CLAIRVOYANCE – seeing clear
It is about what you see with the physical eyes (for example you look for an answer and you see a panel with a message: this is your answer) or with the eye of the mind.
This ability can be developed.
Another example: look relaxed at the person in front of you or look on a white surface, or look NEAR the person in front of you, not in her eyes, in order to see.
We thus see with our peripheral sight (there is no judgment). This is how we see the angels, we see the aura, and we see images that can transmit important messages to us.

2. CLAIRAUDIENCE – hearing clear
It’s about what you can hear: it can be your inner voice, it can be a song you wake up hearing in your head, or which is being broadcast “by chance” at the radio, it can be a person walking on the street and although not talking to you, you accidentally grasp what she is speaking and the message is for you.

3. CLAIRSENTIENCE – clear feeling
One of the most common gifts is clairsentience. You just feel something…the touch, the tickling, the warmth, the chill, tingling etc.

4. CLAIRCOGNIZANCE – clear knowing
It is about the thoughts that you have, you just know from somewhere deep inside, you don’t know from where, you just know. We say something that we wouldn’t normally say (channeling). It can be a message. If you have too many thoughts, it means the person standing in front of you has too many thoughts. So pay a lot of attention to what crosses your mind.

A question that I receive often is: How do you know the messages you receive are from your angels and not from somewhere else? Maybe your mind is playing tricks?

First of all, you don’t need any explanations. The message just comes, you can feel it. You can no longer say: I love him and I stay in this relationship because…. and you invoke your reasons. You just know there is where you have to be. You love him/her and that’s IT.

The messages are the same; you are always being the same things. Not now this, and then that. And if the same message comes more than 3 times, it is clearly from the angels.

It is important to understand that everything is possible in the world of angels. Communication with them is something we build, you need to practice. So, the angels will help us if we want to be helped and if we let ourselves be guided. We cannot see all the data and we cannot see all the solutions either, that’s why angels often come with solutions we wouldn’t have even expected.

I don’t think there are only certain colors valid for certain archangels, or certain crystals, or certain angels for certain days etc. Each and everyone of us has a special connection and this is personal. If we are unique, why would we even think that everything is a “carbon copy” and what works for me will also work for you?

We all have the “direct thread”, without depending on anyone else and you should know that they are already IN you and not with you.
We can all, with no exceptions, communicate with angels. It is not just someone else’s gift, the only difference between me and you is maybe our mission. I have been chose to pass on these information about the angels and their messages.

The angels will help you understand and most of the time the also CONFIRM what you already know and feel. So when you do a reading, you know you did a “clean” reading when the person in front of you feels she has received those confirmations and she feels lighter.


So welcome to the world of angels!