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Invocation of Vesta


It`s a good idea to invite Vesta into your home if there`s been recent friction among those who live there. Vesta can clear the energy of fear and anger so that future conflict is less likely to occur. She`ll bring a feeling of warmth, love, and ease to the household, which will comfort all who enter the home. Since Vesta is the goddess of the hearth or fireplace, one way to call her is by lighting a fire or a candle. As you light the flame, say to her:

“Beloved Vesta, please bring your flame of Divine love into this household and light the fire of kindness, compassion, and understanding within everyone who lives and visits this home. Help us to burn away any fears concerning love, and to feel warm and secure.”

– Archangels & Ascended Masters, Doreen Virtue

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