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Free Will


“You may have heard that fears are self-fulfilling, and this is partially true. However, one aspect that needs explaining is that fear-being unreal-does not have any true creative power. Only what God created can create.

So a fearful focus can appear to create a fearful experience, but what’s really occurring is that a fearful consciousness is an unconsciousness. Without the awareness of love in your focus, your life is like a ship without a captain at the wheel. The surrounding currents will push it away from its intended destination. 

In our analogy, these currents would be the fearful energies of your own thoughts and the thoughts of others. So it’s not that you are creating or attracting painful circumstances, as your Divine power of creation cannot create anything but extensions of love. It’s just that a lack of awareness of love leaves you open to the influence of fearful energies. Again, like that drifting-ship analogy.

Now, you may correctly ask, How, if love truly is all-persuasive, can someone focus upon something other than love? This brings us to the nature of the physical world, which we will explore very soon. For now, we’d like to stay focused upon your personal true identity. Let’s begin this discussion by examining the concept of “free will”.  

Most people think of free will as the ability to make their own decisions. Indeed, you’ve likely heard that God gave people free will, and the reason for suffering is that God cannot intervene into someone’s free will choices without their consent. This is an accurate yet simplistic way of understanding free will.

Free will means that you are either creating from love in the real world or creating in the dream world of that which you may consider exciting, by creating within the dream. But as soon as you awaken, the dream figures and creations evaporate back to where they care from: nowhere. This creates a feast-or-famine roller-coaster experience, where one moment you`re elated and the next moment you are worried.   

Free Will choices really mean that you can choose which aspect of love to focus upon. Just as the various colors all make up the rainbow, so are there different variations of love such as gratitude, appreciation, compassion, and nurturing. 

When you choose to focus upon love, you create real and lasting creations that are meaningful and filled with blessings  for you and others. You are the sun shining rays of light to warm and illuminate others. 

The love choice is the highest vibration, which in turn connects you with the highest-vibrational ideas as insights. You receive “downloads” of brilliant ideas and epiphanies, as well as practical ideas and guidance to help you in everyday life.“

Source – 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know – Doreen Virtue

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