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Earth Connection and Healing Prayer


Angels of light,

I ask to connect my soul with the earth, all living beings, and the divine.

Opening a connection through my feet to the earth,

feeling the earth cradling me, holding me in nurturing, loving energy.

I am open to receiving all the blessings this connection brings:

peace, grounding, balance, harmony, love…

Allowing whatever is needed to flow in, like water in a river flowing through my body.

Allowing each cell to soak in all the blessings it needs for its wellbeing.

Anything that doesn’t belong, that my body’s been holding onto, is washed away and cleansed by the river, washed into the earth and purified into positive energy to heal and restore the earth.

This is my way of giving back for all the blessings I receive, a balance of giving and receiving.

I feel this balance within me, between my body and the earth.

I feel it expand to others outside myself, to all I may come in contact with.

Feeling connection, harmony, and balance all around me.

Feeling oneness within myself, oneness with the earth, oneness with all living things, and the divine.

I am at peace and I am grateful.

Thank you!

This is how it is and so be it.

– 365 days of Angels Prayers, Kris Groth

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