Awaken your Divinity

October 1st 2022

About the event

“Wonderful Souls and Divine Beings, if you are ready to jumpstart your spiritual awakening this is the event for you. Nada and Delia joined together for a six-hour event filled with activation, getting in touch with your divine purpose, and accessing spirit guides to help you navigate this journey of life. Divinity is more than acknowledging our spirit-given gifts and treating ourselves as the gods and goddesses we are. DIVINITY is also expanding our knowledge base and stepping into opportunities like never before.

On October 1st, Delia and Nada are going LIVE for one of the biggest events of the year: “Awaken Your Divinity.” This event is intended to uproot and elevate your spiritual practice so you can experience more of what the world has to offer.

This 6 Hour event is for those serious about getting in touch with their HIGHER CALLING and DIVINE POTENTIAL. This is for you if:

For spiritual beings who are ready to take their awareness to the next level, this events provides the tools you need to truly transform your spiritual journey.

We can’t wait to watch you awaken your divinity.



Nada is committed to bringing the remembrance of our true cosmicselves of divine light, majestic love, graceful power and infinite existence.

Nada’s awakening has occurred after many harsh life situations in which motivated her to start her healing journey over a decade ago and since then she has welcomed all layers of self mastery, acquired several tools of healing including womb wellness, clearing from darkness, angelic & galactic activations as well as subconscious mind empowerment.

She has extremely powerful skills with utilizing universal energies for healing, upgrading, changing realities by altering the Quantum field.

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Delia has been guiding people for almost 11 years in the world of angels. Her mission is bringing people close to angels and divinity. She is committed to be by your side in your transformation journey.

Delia channels angels with such clarity and grace and her messages were powerful and helped a lot of people in difficult times. She also empowers people to work with the angels and believes everyone is an earth angel.

Now she works along with Archangel Gabriel to help people awaken and make the transition from the old world to the new world.

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The program has 2 parts

Part #1

The first part is recorded and you can access all the workshop from 27th of September.

  • What is 3D, What is 5D
  • What is the transition to the New Earth
  • Body: Qi Gong, Breathwork

Part #2

The second part is LIVE, Nada and Delia are going live on October 1st @ 7 PM (Eastern European Summer Time - convert your timezone here)

Spirit: Become one with Higher Self & Inner Child

Mind: Uriel & Inspirational Ideas

Heart: Source Expansion Meditation

  • Ascension Nutrition
  • Merkaba, 12 strand DNA
  • DNA Activation Meditation & Light Body

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An Awakening Meditation with Archangel Gabriel (will be delivered via email)


Awaken your Divinity is structured as 2 parts:

First part (recorded) can be accessed starting with 27th September 2022, with the following topics:

  • Welcome and introduction (What is 3D, What is 5D;
  • What is the transition to the New Earth)
  • Multidimensional healing,
  • Support team: galactic team and the meditations with Nada
  • Angelic Team, Virtues, Meet the angels, know your purpose and mediations with Delia
  • Ascension tools – Body: Qi Gong, Breathwork

The second part a LIVE RECORDING.

  • Spirit: Become one with Higher Self & Inner Child
  • Mind: Uriel & Inspirational Ideas
  • Heart: Source Expansion Meditation

There are also 2 types of investments:

  • 44 USD – limited access to all materials starting 27 September 2022 up to 1 October 2022.
  • 77 USD – unlimited access to all materials and 15% discount on a selection of courses from Nada and 15% discount on angel readings and Awakening mediation with Archangel Gabriel from Delia.

This event takes place ONLINE (after paying the access package you will also be provided with a facebook group where Delia and Nada will be Live on October 1st 2022 at 7 PM (EET) and you can address your questions to them.

If you cannot participate to this event during certain days, you will definitely be able to get through all the materials:

  • until October 8th 2022 (if you acquired the 44 USD package) or
  • for an unlimited period of time (if you acquired the 77 USD package).

If you acquire the 77 USD package you get:

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Delia Muresan

„This event is for those people who want to take a leap towards loving and knowing God. A unique experience unlike anything I have ever experienced before and it worth my time, energy and love.”
M. E.
„The divine light in me welcomes the divine light in you, earth angels and guides!!! Since I was a child I was drawn to angels and, unconsciously, I was talking to them, even when I didn't realize what I was doing. So now that I have discovered them in another way, I feel truly fulfilled. Thank you, Delia, for leading me into this wonderful world. Everything you provide through all your events adds value to my spiritual fulfillment. I hug you dearly.”
„I feel blessed and I am very grateful that the angels chose me to participate to this event. Thank you, dear Delia, for the absolutely wonderful energy you create, for all the messages you send, because you are a channel of love, you have a special gift and I bow in gratitude for all I have received. I will definitely practice it. Thank you for the way you inspire me!”
„These 2 days changed my life, the scales fell from my eyes, I received pure energy, I experienced the atmosphere created, I felt the beneficial energy, my life brightened up, I know I have to do something for myself, it was all right for this start. Thank you, Delia!”


Nada Harb

"The course was the most powerful thing I ever experienced in my life. I never thought that there are such ways to get to know myself. I cant thank you enough for all that you shared. I feel that I AM IN CHARGE of my world. I never knew this power until i experienced this course. I am forever grateful"
Feride, 31 - Dubai
"This course is truly transformational. the energy work is soft, gentle and creates a-lot of room for new energies & support. I felt a massive shift right after and experienced many realizations that out everything in perspective. I feel so much lighter & loving. I am LOVING MY LIFE. Highly recommend this for all! Thank you"
Emily, 38- Greece
"I am in love with this course because of the power of its meditations. I really am in awe, I am mesmerized. I felt love that I never though I could feel. I forgot all about the guy and want to connect more with myself and what I can give myself. I felt so feminine and can't even describe it in words."
Sidra, 25- Dubai
"I knew there was a galactic essence but I didn't know it can activate this fast within me. I am so grateful for this course, it released me from limitations and awoken within me the whole multiverse. My God, This is what i have been looking for. Thank you."
Olivia, 26 - London