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Angelic reading for October 2023


Message of the angels for OCTOBER 2023

Intuitive journey for the month of OCTOBER using oracle cards. We used 4 sets: The shaman’s dream Oracle – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron Reid, Nature’s Whispers – Doreen Virtue, Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Messages from the Archangels – Delia Muresan

General Atmosphere

In October we have an air card – Five of Air – it would be good this month not to make any decisions. We may not have all the facts and decisions may be made out of stubbornness, fear, even negative energy and perhaps a desire to prove.

It would be wise to learn from past experiences, see if there are situations that take us out of our comfort zone and what we have to take from them. It is important not to blame others, but to ask ourselves what might be the intentions behind the actions of those around us.

Archangel Michael tells us to free ourselves from frustration. We can write letters to the people who have hurt us, letters to burn afterwards. That way we can let go of them, let go of what has bound us to them and think about what we could do differently in the future.

The book in The Shaman’s Dream set tells us that in October we are given the opportunity to throw out the trash, to make room for rebirth. It is a time to throw away all the energy that is stale, all our ego actions and the way we used to do things, to realize that what we do or have done is no longer us and from now on we can let go of it. This month we will often enter periods of confusion that we would do well to honor them. It feels like a fog is sometimes placed over our brains precisely to stop us from the daily rush, to be able to reconsider certain things in our lives, to prepare ourselves to make certain decisions. Although we don’t have all the information to make clear-cut decisions, we are now gathering all the data we need and for this we will be shown what is not working or not working. So it would be good to be vulnerable, to stop sweeping the truth under the carpet, to stop saying yes when we want to say no, to stop accepting what offends our soul. Now we are beginning to realize how important it is to be well ourselves so that others can be well too. We should now have more compassion towards ourselves and those around us, we should not throw stones because we have made all the decisions, including those to stay in unhealthy situations. There will be many distractions that will try to keep a veil over our eyes, but the important thing is to be vigilant and see things as they really are. It will take a lot of work to keep our vibration up, to not fall into low vibrational energies and to reset as many times as necessary.

In the first half of the month

In the first half of the month, until October 11, we have all kinds of awareness. We get all kinds of messages through dreams, through angels who draw our attention to things that should be completed in our lives. We don’t just feel it, we see clearly where the dust has settled, where we’ve fallen, where we’re sitting in our comfort zone and clearly we need to shake it off and wake up to reality. There will be those AHA moments, the ones where we realize why we are where we are now, we realize we need to move on to the next stage. We will have a leap of consciousness if we allow ourselves to feel, to believe and to let go of all the limitations of this moment.

In the second part of the month

From the 12th to the 22nd of October we will have all kinds of tests, we will feel that we are walking on a tightrope, that we are getting out of balance at every moment, that nothing is certain and this context stresses us. In order to balance ourselves it is important to connect to our intuition and listen to it. And even if our intuition says go forward and we are afraid, it is important to go forward. If our intuition is telling us that everything is fine as it is, even though it doesn’t seem logical to us, we have to listen to our intuition. These will be the exams we take during this period and they are for our highest good. And balance is always found in faith, and we come to faith through intuition.

In the last part of the month

From 23 October to the end of the month we start preparing for a new project, this new project can be related to our health, a space we want to create, new habits we want to integrate into our lives, etc. A transformation is needed which implies knowing clearly what we want, being willing to make the necessary changes and understanding that everything happens at the right time. Maybe now we are just sowing the seeds, maybe now we just understand why this transformation is necessary, now we understand what beliefs and thoughts are holding us back etc.

We have an October ahead of us in which we will feel the work “underground” in our minds and bring to the surface the situations that need to be adjusted and transformed. It is not an easy month to go through, because the mind will play tricks on us, we will have many tests to pass, that is why intuition must become our best friend.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God help us!


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