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Angelic reading for November 2023


Intuitive journey for the month of NOVEMBER with the help of oracle cards. We used 5 sets: The shaman’s dream Oracle – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron Reid, Nature’s Whispers – Angela Hartfield, Prayers to the angels – oracle cards – Kyle Gray, Archangel Michael Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Messages from the Archangels – Delia Muresan.

General atmosphere

In November we have a water card – Five of Water – which comes with challenges on the emotional plane, things don’t go our way, there is the possibility of getting into victim energy and not seeing the good in everything that happens.

Letting emotions surface because there will be situations that take us by surprise. Caution also comes to perfectionists who will put a lot of pressure on themselves and even then, things will not go perfectly. The difference we can make right now is authenticity. Let’s see the bright side of everything we go through and make fun of it.

Archangel Michael tells us Come on, you can do it, trust me, I’ll give you everything you need, try again! We get all the encouragement, but we have to have confidence, courage and act.

The Shaman’s Dream set’s companion book tells us that our egos are going to be shattered. That’s it, we’re not going to have control, but we’re going to “fix it” by overcoming those limitations we think we have but really don’t and we just need to be aware of that.

This month we have the green light to act but we may get gripped by fears or even feel like we want to hide and not take any responsibility. But we are being pushed from behind, we are being pushed to the drawing board, it would be good to do both our homework and present ourselves very well in the face of challenges.

We are clearly asked not to stress, stress comes from fear of the unknown and the desire to control things. If we work as a team with the angels, we find that everything works out much better or differently than we originally planned. So let’s not forget that stress is a choice, let’s learn to flow, let’s learn to adapt so that everything will tie together as best for each of us. If we choose to stress we are likely to somatize, even get sick. So we are already being warned by the angels and we would do well to listen to them. In order to better manage stressful situations it would be good to do breathing exercises, to be gentle with ourselves, to give ourselves periods of respite, of patience because some situations can resolve themselves if we do not try to control them. Yes, this month because we act we will end up in all sorts of situations, many new, that will take us out of our comfort zone but will support us in our evolution.

In the first half of the month

In the first part of the month, until 10 November, we will feel that we are dawdling, that many things are still unclear, that we are stuck but actually recovering from the energy of October which was like an anaesthetic. Now we are waking up and being thrown into the fire, into the game, suddenly things are moving and we are clearly being asked to do our part. Because a lot of people will try to stay in their comfort zone and cling to us we may feel the need to protect ourselves more, to be more careful not to take on the moods of others. It’s like when you’re trying to hit the road but find you’re still in your slippers or someone keeps distracting you and you can’t focus on what you need to do. It would be good to make clear your intention to be the best version of yourself, to open yourself up to whatever positive changes are needed at the moment. And around you make sure you have people who support you and not try to stop you or drag you down.

In the second part of the month

From 11 to 23 November we will feel a lot of support from the divine, it feels like we are being pushed from behind and can more easily throw ourselves into the unknown. We can take more risks, we will be able to complete many of our projects, they are all taking shape although we may have had to find other solutions or change our perspective. Our gifts will be activated, we will understand the messages better just don’t think we are special now just because we get the green light and support. It just means we are doing the job we came here to do and in fact we are all special. We are now choosing to follow divine guidance which may make us think we are special.

In the last part of the month

From November 24th  to the end of the month we are asked to shine, to enjoy everything we do as if we are winning a medal. It’s an infusion of new energy, energy that gives us vitality and a new understanding of things. It’s as if everything is refreshed, as if whatever was stuck is unlocked and we align ourselves with what we have to do. While we may have moments of “is this really happening?”, let’s move forward without fear because we are being held by the hand every step of the way. We can work with ourselves just to be balanced and do what we have to do.

We’re in for a November full of excitement, it’s going to get us sweaty at times, but if we get over our fears and throw ourselves into the unknown we’ll receive magical rewards. A month full of experiences that will help us evolve and adapt more easily to whatever comes into our lives.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God help us!


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