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Angelic Reading for June 2024


Angels’ message for JUNE 2024

Intuitive journey for the month of JUNE using oracle cards. We used 5 sets:  Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, The Shaman’s Dream – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid, The Power of Surrender Cards, Judith Orloff, Magical Mermaids and Dolphins – Doreen Virtue and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Muresan.


General atmosphere

In June we also have a water card in the tarot deck, it’s about this eight of water and it’s about the desire to move forward, to look for meaningful things, to act in the direction of our dreams. We’re talking about spiritual and emotional growth, we’re talking about the joy of living in these times and the positive emotion that we’re right where we need to be and we have all the support. It is a very good feeling, a feeling that will help us to do unexpected things, in the sense of overcoming our limits, to understand ourselves better, to have more confidence in ourselves. We want to do something meaningful. We find meaningful things that help us with our emotional and spiritual growth, but that will also bring us material resources, bring us money, bring us recognition.

The card complementary from Archangel Michael this June is the card that speaks to us about being protected, not worrying about exposing ourselves too much. We can expose ourselves, take it on, because Archangel Michael is with us every step of the way and we are safe.

And the companion card from The Shaman’s Dream tells us that the Universe is our partner. In this partnership with God all things will fall into place, it will be as is best for us, the important thing is to have faith and trust.

This is a month when it is important to let go of control, stubbornness, the need to be right. It would be good to focus on assertively communicating our needs, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and feel what is weighing us down, and last but not least we need to seek the company of people who support and accept us as we are. We don’t need to wear masks to be accepted, we don’t need to pretend to be okay when we’re not, because it will all come out. But let’s not forget that we are protected, that this energy that is shaking us is actually helping us to protect our future, because we have the opportunity to free ourselves from anything that might taint our future actions.


In the first half of the month

By 11 of June, we feel as if we are floating between two worlds, that we can’t pull ourselves together, that we can’t finish what we started, that we have lost our compass. And in some ways we are, we are quite airborne because we need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t work in our lives and especially we need to turn our attention to what we feel. We can no longer sweep our emotions under the rug, we can no longer lie to ourselves. This is a time when we would do well to calm down, not to stir the waters, not to feel the need to justify ourselves or look for what we are doing wrong. We need to say, “Lord, thy will be done, I am here on duty”. Clearly we will feel a major shift, we may get news that turns our world upside down, but remember that any change, any blockage or challenge is actually a protection, a hidden blessing. We will receive support, angels may send us to a course or therapy, but let’s not forget to learn to receive help.


In the second part of the month

From 12 to 23 June we’ll have all sorts of tests. It’s like when you’re on a diet, you know something you’re not allowed to eat and then all the cravings take over. So are we, we know it’s not the time to act and we keep doing it, we know it’s not the time to communicate something and we keep getting itchy tongues, etc. So let’s pay attention to what our intuition is telling us, let’s not give in to impulses and momentary reactions, let’s take a step back and be observant, let’s take time with ourselves to recharge and center ourselves. Otherwise, we will be easily distracted or pushed buttons and regret our reactions. Understand that everything is falling into place as it is best for us, without forcing things, just having faith and trust. Guaranteed our prayers have been answered.


In the last part of the month

From 24 June to the end of the month we have a break to get organized, find our resources and why not, rest and recharge our batteries. This is a time when we can have many realizations, understand the tests we have been through and shed light on what we want going forward. We can set new intentions, but mostly we learn to enjoy the present. It is a new breath, a new vibration, like a cool summer breeze on a hot day. We seem to breathe a sigh of relief and integrate this new vibration into our lives.

A month of June that brings us many tests, but also many realizations, a month in which it is good to let our guard down, let go of the emotions that hold us back and enjoy all that we are experiencing in the present.


We are one!

God help us!



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