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Angelic reading for July 2024


Intuitive journey for the month of JULY using oracle cards. I used 5 sets:  Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, The Shaman’s Dream – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid, Oracle of the Fairies – Karen Kay, Prayers to the Angels – Kyle Gray and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Muresan.


General Atmosphere

This July we have from the tarot deck this eight of earth. We are talking about learning here. We’re talking here about realizing that we need to go to school, to learn something, to specialize related to a certain field.

So we go back to school, we do all kinds of activities, we learn a lot this month, July. We don’t do a random course; we do a course that will help us in our development. We can do a specialization, get an accreditation and after that course we can ask for more money, we can earn more money and thus attract abundance.


The July supplementary card from Archangel Michael tells us to spend time in nature, in nature we have everything we need. Nature is abundance, so we are abundance and we lack absolutely nothing. If we think that we don’t have the money for the course or that now is not the time, all we have to do is set our intention that we will get the money.

If we don’t think we have the skills, we will get that recognition and someone will confirm that it is exactly what we need. So, let’s not limit ourselves, especially financially, because we’re going to get what we need. The companion book in The Shaman’s Dream set is about the divine matrix part. We have to keep ourselves connected to everything that is important to us, not to fall into all kinds of traps, because we don’t, to listen to our intuition because all things are laid out in divine order. And if there is something we need, we will receive it. What is ours is set aside.

It is a month in which we are offered new chances related to some opportunities from the past and we understand now, why they didn’t materialize then. We need to be careful, not to act impulsively, always take a step back and always ask for help. We have spectacular endings and amazing new beginnings. Let’s also make time for practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, prayer, nature walks, different rituals, etc. They will help us to stay centered and to walk our path even though our choices may be challenged by those around us.

First half of the month

By July 11 we may feel like we’re working in reruns, things are difficult to connect, we’re missing all sorts of details, we’re lacking in mood and energy. But now is a good time to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working in our lives, but according to different criteria. Which activities give us energy and which activities drain us of energy. What changes do we need to make now to recharge from the work we do? What do we need to give up to make room for something that supports us in our evolution? What things/situations have we left on the back burner? What are the relationships that support me that are dragging me down? Because now we need to have that difficult talk, now we need to be honest with ourselves about our lives because it doesn’t work anymore with the saying: let it go on and let it go on. Now is a propitious moment for reconciliation, for resolving past situations, in fact it is the chance to rewrite our life story. To do this, however, we need to close certain doors once and for all, we need to learn to ask for help and we need to be patients with ourselves.

Second part of the month

From July 12 to July 24 we are asked to work on adaptability. Yes, things don’t go our way but they always go our way. Some closed doors actually mean that we have been sheltered from something, there are hidden blessings. Stepping out of our comfort zone is encouraged because it means angels have been working behind the scenes to prepare the ground for our evolution. Nothing is random so we need to adapt, trust and move forward. There will be many opportunities to take our power back or follow our intuition. Let’s use all the practices that can support us: meditation, prayer but let’s also move our bodies because otherwise we will somatize resistance and end up with all kinds of somatizations on the physical body. Let’s not forget that there is a time for everything, but we need to be flexible and only then will we understand whether the blockages come from our fears or are divinely orchestrated.

The last part of the month

From July 25 to the end of the month we understand that solutions come when we learn to love ourselves, when we put ourselves first, when we know what we want and ask for help. It is a magical time to make projections into the future, to think about how we want to live our lives and what choices we need to make. But the energy is an optimistic one because things have already been connected, maybe we have already taken a course and been shown an opportunity, maybe we have closed a door and now see things differently because we have freed ourselves etc. We also feel a lot of support from ancestors, guides, departed loved ones. Even though it feels like a dense month it is full of moments and events that take us to the next level.

So, we are talking about a July full of traps for our ego but also full of blessings for our soul. But let’s not forget that everything that happens is happening for our own good, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone.

We are one!

God help us!




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