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Angelic Reading for January 2024


Intuitive journey for the month of JANUARY with the help of oracle cards. We used 5 sets: Angel Dream Oracle Cards – Melissa Virtue, The Shaman’s Dream Oracle Cards – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid, Magical Times – Jody Bergsma, Divine Abundance – Tosha Silver and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Muresan.

General atmosphere
This month, January, we have from the tarot set this Six of Fire, which is a very strong fire energy. It is a month in which we can feel exhausted, a month in which we feel how fatigue has accumulated. But good news comes, we have achievements, we understand things differently. We seem to be doing the right things, especially in the professional area. But we feel tired, we feel that we don’t feel like it anymore, that everything is hard, we want to give up the struggle, the need to do something all the time. An example that comes to mind now is all these social media networks, where we are always being told that if we don’t post, if we don’t do, we are no longer visible, people forget about us. There’s this pressure all the time to do and fix, but it seems like “it’s taken away” in January and it’s time to reconsider what we need to do and what we need to do. I mean we can’t give up everything we’ve built because we’re getting recognition but we need to let the energy settle. We may feel the need to pause or at least do things detached and assertive.

Archangel Michael, in the book complement, tells us to take time to make all kinds of decisions. It really would be important this month, January, not to make important decisions, because if we do we will find ourselves making them out of a sense of impatience or making them because it was something we “had to”. We’ll realize that we weren’t present or aware of the decisions we made. So, the best thing to do is to tell ourselves that everything happens in its own time, i.e. let the energy flow a little, let things settle down. Let’s not put pressure or let ourselves be pressured by those around us telling us what to do.

The book in The Shaman’s Dream set talks about rising above situations, looking at things from a different perspective and focusing on the important things. When we detach, when we go to take a shower for example, we simply detach from the situation. That’s when ideas come to us, when we see things from somewhere above and wonder why we’ve been fussing so much that things work out anyway or we get exactly the solutions we need. So we have to rise above and from there look down and decide what is and is not worth our energy.
This is a month in which it is not good to rev the engines, to promise ourselves the sea with salt, to get drunk with hopes because we will fall on our noses. But it is a month to reconfigure, to rethink the way we do things, it is a month to ask ourselves: ok, what is really urgent, what is burning! And we’ll realize like nothing else, that if we detach either the solution will come or things will sort themselves out. So the biggest lesson this month is letting go of control. This is how we learn to have faith, to be kinder to ourselves and others, we learn to focus only on what really matters and we can be reborn. We feel how, because of this new attitude, we can embrace change more easily, we find things come more easily and most of all we are more at peace.

In the first half of the month
In the first half of the month, until the 9th of January we are moving in replay, we don’t have energy for anything anymore, but we feel the need to make space, we think about what we can let go of, whether it’s certain activities, or even habits, but also toxic relationships or people that were holding us back. Friendships are tested because we don’t feel like making it right anymore, seeing people who keep victimizing themselves and don’t want to make any changes. Yes, we will have to work to forgive, to be diplomatic but the energy supports us to do that, to get out of the matrix of “this is how it should be”.

In the second part of the month
From the 10th to the 21st of January we begin to open up to the unknown, explore new ways of doing things, other perspectives, we can work to automate certain things or find more advantageous solutions. And it’s not just about work, it’s about how we manage our lives in general. We can also more easily accept that we’ve made mistakes and we’ll fix things. We understand that luck is on the side of the brave and we have to do our bit. We can no longer stay in our comfort zone, with all the doors locked, but open the doors wide and see what comes our way. We will have our share of tests of faith but when we understand that the solution is not to always defend ourselves we will attract situations and contexts that will propel us to the next level. So let’s be open and let life surprise us.

In the last part of the month
From 22 January until the end of the month, the fear of losing will surface. Our ego will not be very happy that it is no longer in control, that things can happen without so much fuss. And it will shake us up, make us think that we will starve to death, that we will lose everything, that everyone is judging us, etc. So let’s be careful of any exaggeration and generalization because our ego will try to amplify everything and put us all in the same pot. We will need to work on our material attachments, our fear of poverty, certain ingrained survival beliefs will return that we now have the opportunity to work on. Everything is fine exactly as it is, but we’d better be careful about all these traps that are being laid for us. We go through the fire of initiation understanding that we are ALL, that we cannot lose anything that is ours. After this episode we take our strength back and we can do extraordinary things. We can fulfill our wildest dreams.
January awaits us with an energy that supports us to be on our side and to let go of what we are being forced to do and think needs to be done. We will realize that we are wasting away in crazy situations and no longer have the willingness to do that. We take our power back and decide what is not worth our energy.

We are one!
God help us!


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