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Angelic reading for April 2024



Intuitive journey for APRIL with the help of oracle cards. We used 5 sets: Butterfly Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, The Spirit Messages Oracle Cards – John Holland, Angel Dreams Oracle Cards – Melissa Virtue, The Power of Surrender Cards – Judith Orloff, M.D. and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Muresan.

General atmosphere

This month from the tarot set we have this air knight telling us that a person with masculine energy will come into our lives or this person, who already exists in our lives, will have an impact on us.  This person is intelligent, determined, idealistic, tireless, pragmatic. It is a person who comes to put the “boot through the fence”, who comes to stir us up, who comes to say “what are you doing, brother, still doing nothing?!” He, the air-head, comes to take us out of our comfort zone and we will need to be very careful, not to act, not to be influenced by that person’s energy, because we can make wrong choices. We need to take the time to review all our options, to find creative solutions, but not to be influenced by this person, who we feel is somehow breathing down our neck, putting pressure on us and saying “come on”. Whatever it is, let’s find solutions, even if it’s about our boss. We ask for guidance and we can find creative solutions. We ask the angels: ‘I need guidance to know what I can do in this context, because this person wants to make me do something I don’t want to do or don’t feel like doing’.

So it can be a context of emotional blackmail. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t make decisions, I’m saying that we should make decisions, but decisions that we make ourselves and not decisions that others impose on us.

The card complement from Archangel Michael tells us to work energetically, so much more cleansing, meditation, to connect with our intuition, to ask for help, if necessary we can do a reading, to get another perspective from someone else. Very important is to ask for help, to work energetically, to position ourselves, because otherwise we will be very pressured or we will feel in that blackmail.

The card from The Shaman’s Dream set this April is about forgiveness. We are told that the veil is being taken away, we can have all sorts of surprises. Maybe this person or other people will influence us and we will have to forgive them, or we realize that this person has been a pattern in our lives, that many times we have acted wrongly or not taken responsibility for something, because such a person has come into our lives and influenced our decision. We need to forgive all aspects of ourselves that have “been tricked”.

It is a month we will clearly see the people who have taken advantage of us, or those who have always been self-serving, people who we now need to set certain boundaries and assume that they can get out of our lives. A relationship always has to be on both sides, but it is important to remember that you have to give to get and you have to know how to receive to give. We can never give anything if we are drained of energy, if our tank is empty. This is another lesson of this month, to learn to receive, to take care of ourselves, to protect ourselves from everything that drags us down.

It is more than obvious that we are being given a new chance, we have new beginnings and we must have the courage to move forward. It will be a month full of awareness, we will understand the reasons why we have ended up in various unfavorable situations. But we must not get upset, we must forgive ourselves, not put pressure and take care of ourselves.

Let’s be mindful of sleep, of scripting and the need to justify ourselves.

In the first half of the month

We have all kinds of tests, we are pushed to do work but it is important to be careful, to analyze everything before making a decision. We are made all sorts of empty promises that have no basis, we are inoculated with that sense of urgency: if you don’t do it now you’ll miss the train, etc. Clearly, buttons are pushed and we can react, and our emotions are overwhelming. But now is also a good time to learn to say NO, to have faith, to let things flow and to trust only people like us, who have the same values and beliefs.

We don’t have to fight, we don’t have to justify ourselves and very important we have to know that what is ours is put aside. Learn to ask for all the details you need, but remember to listen to your intuition.

In the second part of the month

People will show their true face, this is nothing new because it is part of the energy of the year, but now we must believe in divine justice and divine timing. No person who demotivates us deserves to hang around, no person who takes away our shine should be accepted around us anymore. It is essential that we take our strength back, perhaps we have been in the energy of the “mother of the wounded” and now we understand that we must first take care of ourselves. We will have to stand up for our opinions and beliefs and take the next step. After all, each of us has an inner sun, we are important, we are light and we must act like it. It’s a hard time, but once we get through it we will truly enjoy life.

In the last part of the month

We need to learn to listen not just hear. How congruent are we? Have we not used others or have we not put pressure on anyone! Clearly we need introspection and we must not deny our part in everything that happens to us. Let’s be observant and understand that we can always correct things, we can always apologize or take responsibility for our mistakes. The energy we put into everything we do matters a lot, so we must not just point fingers, but ask ourselves how we got to this point. We will have access to knowledge, we will receive messages through intuition to see beyond any veil. The important thing is to listen to what others tell us.

So, we are in for an April of testing relationships, taking decisions and grounding ourselves in reality. No more running away, no more blaming, we now have a clear map of our lives, and even if we want to blame whoever emotionally blackmailed us let’s not forget that we allowed it and we in turn have something to correct.

We are One!

God help us!






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