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Angelic reading for September 2023


Message of the Angels for SEPTEMBER 2023

Intuitive journey for the month of SEPTEMBER using oracle cards. We used 4 sets: Magical Times Empowerment Cards – Jody Bergsma, Archangel Michael Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Angel Power Wisdom Cards, Gaye Guthrie, Messages from the Archangels – Delia Muresan

In September we have a new fire card, which means we have some action again. Here comes the Fire Pajar which brings a fresh, youthful and feminine energy, which we may need to activate in ourselves or ask for help from someone who has such energy. Let’s be careful if a person with these abilities – sociability, creativity, confidence and eagerness in the sense of making things happen – comes into our lives, we have a lot to learn from them. September comes with good news about a new promotion, and for this it would be good to use our originality and innovative spirit.

We have some big words this month: simplicity, innovation, liberation, transformation, originality and challenge, which put us on a different vibration. The energy of September is similar to May, we say YES to new situations, to challenges, to doing things differently than we have done before. We, again have the opportunity to create something, to give ourselves permission to do something new.

Archangel Michael comes with the card Eternal Love which tells us that it is time to learn to receive, to allow ourselves to be helped and to take that step back to perceive what is important to us and not to force things. Allowing ourselves to relax, to make fun, to laugh more and to enjoy more, perhaps we have been extremely uptight until now.

The message in The Shaman’s Dream set is that we are going on a New Adventure, moving our energy in a new direction that will bring us opportunities, people, situations and put us on a different vibration. This month, even though we have so many retrograde planets, we need action. We put our focus on what we need to correct, what decisions we need to make to be on our path, to be authentic and find that state of wellness and and peace we seek. It is important now to make those decisions within ourselves that say: IT IS OVER! That’s it! So we don’t want to compromise anymore and the current context doesn’t let us either. Relationships are under the microscope and sparks can come out of nowhere. But it’s clear that it’s only the blisters that have pustules and need to heal that are burst. So the question is “what garbage we have gathered in our relationships and how can we do our best to bring healing and compassion?” Eventually all relationships will take the best turn for us, even if at first we don’t like what is happening.

In the first half of the month

In the first half of the month, until 9 September, we will be summoning a lot of people. It’s important to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us, maybe we have irritations on our skin (“what is invading my space?”), or maybe we have bouts of bile, what we’re not saying, what frustrations we’re gathering and how we can more easily release what we’re holding inside. These are just a few examples of somatizations, we may kick ourselves more often, or we may have all sorts of situations where the body tries to get our attention. But it’s important not to worry, to ask for help, to work with the child in us that demands attention, to feed our soul and to move from doing to being, living more in the present. Clearly this is a time when we have many chances to be reborn, we are told exactly what we have to release and correct, we would just do well to heed the messages we receive. We will need to let go of the past, the patterns that keep returning, make the necessary changes because we are now getting new wings and are ready to fly.

In the second part of the month

From September 10 to 21, all situations that are not aligned with “who we really are”, are put under the microscope. For example, if something is not in alignment with our values, we will be put in a position to do something concrete. If someone is lying to us and lying is not something we tolerate, then we will have to communicate this or even end the relationship with the person lying to us.

Things will be black and white, there is no turning back and many situations that we have tolerated up to now will surface. So we will also need to have compassion for not having had the courage or strength to act earlier. We will understand even better how our intuition works and now we will be certain that it is our compass. Because we will feel that we are living it all very intensely, it is good to enjoy ourselves and load ourselves with simple things: a coffee with a friend, a walk in the park, relaxing at a spa, etc. We have all the support of the angels and there is no need to put pressure on us.

In the last part of the month

From September 22 until the end of the month we become more aware of the responsibilities we have, what we want from life, how our decisions affect others and most of all, we alone are responsible for our happiness, it’s all about the choices we make. And even if it feels like you didn’t choose, in every moment you made a choice even if it meant not acting on it. Many situations will get stuck during this period, that’s because it’s time to look for other solutions. So, there is no panic, something is not working because something much better awaits.

There may be some situations or relationships that will require reconciliation or clarification. We can clear things up, we can open up, but the angels remind us not to compromise. Yes, we may have had expectations, we may have misunderstood some things, but we certainly ended up in an unpleasant situation because we had something to release. It will help us a lot to put down on paper everything we feel, to make as many releases as possible through the energy of fire, fire that will guide us this month.

We have a hectic September ahead of us, with a focus on relationships that can easily flare up. We will have somatizations but also many chances to correct everything that has held us back so far. So, an intense month, but full of gifts.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!


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