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Angel reading for the year 2023


Intuitive guidance for the year 2023 using oracle cards.

I used two oracle card decks: Angel Tarot – Radleigh Valentine and Archangel Michael – Doreen Virtue. 

The angel tarot cards have the 15 Archangels as a major arcana and the 4 elements: air, fire, water and earth and the minor arcanas. I pulled one card from this set plus an extra card from Archangel Michael for each month of the year. In addition, I was guided to add another set to this year’s reading, pulling one card for each month from The Shaman’s Dream – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid.


Archangel Gabriel stays with us in 2023 also. The moment when I connected to see which archangel will be by our side this year, I saw Archangel Gabriel and I remembered that he has both feminine and masculine energy and he will be present for one more year. Archangel Gabriel is the only archangel with this dual energy.

The most important thing is that Archangel Gabriel is in charge of awakening. This awakening comes as the ultimate horn sound and it will happen in 2023. We are not talking about fatalism here, but we are saying that the ones who have not awakened and will not do that in 2023 won’t do it at all. That means that many of them will choose to leave this world or will live in a numb state, us not being able to do anything about it.

Archangel Gabriel came in 2022 with a strong, a bit harsher energy, encouraging leadership and commitment, working a lot through his masculine energy.

In 2023 we will be forced to create from our feminine energy, to be more receptive, to go out of our comfort zone more and we will be more challenged in this manner. 2023 comes with a surprise also, the support of Virgin Mary. She comes alongside Archangel Gabriel to support us, but be careful, she comes to support us to respect each other, to support our values, to complete what we have started, to be sincere with ourselves, to practice more gratitude, to have more compassion. This are not easy themes but there are themes that take us out of our comfort zone.

The energy of 2023 comes also with a disconnection from the material side of life, either be it willful or forced, reason for which the idea of a recession is being circulated. This is only a push to remind us to come back to BEING rather than HAVING.

It is very important to live a simple life. 2023 comes with a clear message – coming back to simplicity. You know the saying “less is more” – it really applies now, meaning that having little means living a simpler, cleaner, more authentic life.

The energy of 2023 will also come with plenty of portals. These portals can be very strong, they can activate wounding inside or activate some aspects that we are not yet ready to face. These are waves of energy meant to raise our vibration, to take us to a different consciousness level.

This year’s energy, although it seems gentler than in 2022, it’s not necessarily like that, as it takes us out of our comfort zone a lot. However, it will teach us some very important lessons that we haven’t learned yet, maybe the lesson of forgiveness, maybe the one of kindness and compassion. It is clear that we are faced with all these opportunities in order to grow, to evolve.

One of the most important things we need to be aware of is practicing gratitude, as we are living in extraordinary times, moments which this planet has never lived before, so we should be honored and grateful for the opportunity of living in this time. This is a good way to start the year 2023.

2023 will work a lot with our unconscious mind, so what we previously wanted to understand with our minds in 2023 we will perceive with our intuition, which is essential, so it needs to be activated. That means that we should stop focusing on things making sense, less focusing on what we should understand and more on what we perceive, feel, integrate. Only then can we move forward.


The month of January comes with a water card – The Page of Water, a feminine energy that makes us extra sensitive and allows our intuition to work very well, perceiving many subtle aspects. We have to be careful with the level of socializing in this period, as we can easily perceive other people’s emotions and that can destabilize us. It is recommended to close our crown chakra when we go to public places, no matter if it is the metro or the airport, to prevent picking up other people’s energies.

There is an extra sensibility in January and we will tend to look for people who understand us, people to share our ideas with. However, we should pay close attention to whom we are opening, as not everybody will be available to support us and to be frank with us.

There is an extra sensibility in January and we will tend to look for people who understand us, people to share our ideas with. However, we should pay close attention to whom we are opening, as not everybody will be available to support us and to be frank with us.

Creativity will peak this month, we can start writing, singing, painting and the ones who haven’t trained such skills should take notes of their creative ideas, because we will all be divinely inspired.

We should pay attention to the people who enter our lives this month, as I said before, because some people can be less sincere but others can be very supportive.

Our relationships have to move on to the next level and we will feel that as having a deadline. In other words, if you are in an environment that doesn’t suit you it will be necessary to make some decisions and leave behind all that there is to be left behind.

This month comes with relationship and emotional challenges, with an amplification of our extra-sensory abilities, with a strong intuition, a strong awareness. If we connect to all that it will be fantastic.

Having this emotional instability, either up or down, either understanding or not understanding what is happening to us, Archangel Michael warns us to be very careful when making decisions, not to rush, to weigh down what we say and do. It is advised to trust our intuition.

Archangel Michael recommends that we detach, take a step back and say: My Lord, take things into your hands, protect me so that I can let things flow for my greater good!

The extra card from The Shaman’s Dream deck is very interesting, it is the card called The Fallen Angel and it speaks to us of that ego to which we can give our power, to consider that we are special just because our intuition is more active or we might have a clearer perception than others. We should pay attention not to separate ourselves from the other, we have to be united.


In the month of February we have the first Archangel from 2023 – Archangel Michael with the tarot card The Emperor, which comes with order and discipline, so we have the opportunity to organize and finish what we have started.

Archangel Michael is helping us bring to an end all those things that we have postponed and this ending means that we are setting some energies free, closing some doors where our energy was leaking in a wrong direction.

Archangel Michael warns us about holes in our energy field and tells us that we have given our power away a lot, leaving open doors and that is why we cannot build anything, because our energy is suspended in all sorts of things.

Another message from Archangel Michael is the one about commitment and leadership, that we have to be the ones in power, to take account for our actions and walk forward until the end. He reminds us that it is time we become a guiding light and an example for others.

It is important that we have structure and discipline, that we have a few rituals of our own, that we do things that become part of us, that we make certain commitments, either related to a healthy lifestyle, diet or maybe creativity, etc. It is important that we start a new ritual and implement a new way of doing things.

The extra card from Archangel Michael supports us in listening to our intuition, as in the month of January we were offered the opportunity to work on activating the intuition and in February we will need to listen to it. It is highly advised that we listen to our intuition: to do that cleansing, maybe a detox, to take that trip, to make that change and not let the ego hold us in place or bring us all sorts of arguments that could hold us in place. It is the moment to set the ego aside and follow our intuition.

From the oracle deck The Shaman’s Dream we have the card called “A connecting bridge” which talks about an initiation, somehow feeling as if celebrating new year’s eve in February. That means that a new life will start from February. This is connected also with all the cleansing that Archangel Michael does, so our new beginnings will have a place to start from and a new version of ourselves will have space to thrive.

MARCH 2023

In the month of March Archangel Gabriel comes with the card called “The Awakening”.

The Awakening means that we will be forced to look at things from another perspective and all sorts of new things will happen. So we will have those powerful but necessary revelations, which will bring us much closer to ourselves, to an authentic expression of our energy.

We will have understandings that will complete our puzzle and will bring us closer to ourselves, helping us be in an authentic energy, more congruent with who we really are.

With the help of these understandings we will have the chance to do things differently and even if the actions we take will not seem very important it is advised to do them from a different perspective. It is recommended we wait until we understand what exactly we should do differently and only then act.

Archangel Michael supports us through New beginnings and a fresh start to free up our past, to be connected to a detachment energy, to trust all the experiences of our life and also something we haven’t done before.

The extra message tells us that we are now planting seeds for our future. In March we are planting seeds for something that will be born in the near future, so we need to pay close attention to whom we share what we feel or think so as to protect our intentions and treasures.

APRIL 2023

In the month of April we have the card Three of Air, which talks about giving up control, being open to forgiveness, to see the others as they are, to give time to ourselves. We will need to take this mourning period for what we used to be and for what we believe that we should have done and didn’t do.

This month we will experience a period of vulnerability, a period in which we will need to work on the relationship with our parents, our family, even with past lives. We need to pay attention to the wounds that we might have taken from our mother and father that can come to the surface and the most important lesson here is forgiveness.

As we have this three card, the topic is this relationship with one of our parents or another relative and also it might be needed that we work on an important issue with each of them.

Archangel Michael comes and says: Positive thinking creates positive results, we can lift above the situation and see it as if it is already resolved. We are actually raising our vibration, seeing the good and the light in each person, forgiving and moving forward detached. We have this magical opportunity in the month of April.

From the deck The Shaman’s Dream we have this card that says it is time to Abandon to God’s Will. It is necessary to let go of what has to leave and to make space for what we need to understand, to know, to heal, to create space for what we need right now.

MAY 2023

This month brings us a fire card – The Knight of Fire – a person with masculine energy who can be also a woman who has cultivated enough her masculine energy that comes into our lives and has an important role in this month of May. It is a passionate, daring person, self-sufficient and restless, which means that we might need to activate these abilities in ourselves or to meet a person who gives us this example of courage and certainty, a person who makes things happen.

Maybe we will attract a situation and we will believe that we are not ready for it but we need to leave the excuses aside and dare, trust ourselves and ask for help if needed.

At the same time it is important to analyze things, to refrain from being impulsive or superficial. It is not the case to take more that we can bare, it is advised to ask questions, to make sure we got things right, to set clear limits and to express our conditions. It is clear that we can do more than we thought initially.

Archangel Michael supports us to Move forward with no fear, so it is clear that we should say a big YES to this opportunity and see how things settle down. He helps us trust and be brave, he guides our thoughts and actions so that they align with the direction of love and of our purpose in this life.

JUNE 2023

In the month of June we have Archangel Gabriel with the card The Empress, which supports us to give life to our dreams, to take care of ourselves but also of others and to connect to the infinite will of God.

The feminine energy of Archangel Gabriel teaches us to flow and it will help us for a long time to blossom, to look for new things inside ourselves that we didn’t know were there. For example, we could discover that we have creative abilities: maybe we know how to paint and we didn’t realize it until now, maybe we are good leaders or maybe we have a good connection with children, etc. We can receive news related to the children we already have or maybe that our family will be extended. The lesson of the month of June is related to flow.

Archangel Michael supports us in using our imagination and teaches us to visualize first what we wish to create, to use our imagination with trust. It is recommended to accept help because we won’t be able to do it all on our own. We will need people who are experts in the areas we are not.

The extra card from The Shaman’s Dream deck tells us that we can feel In between worlds.We can feel like floating and we will need grounding and centering. We will have moments of either deep connection or disconnection and we will worry. So let us not forget about grounding.

JULY 2023

In the month of July we have by our sides another knight, The Knight of Air, a masculine archetype. It might be us and the abilities that we have to activate, such as intelligence, determination, idealism, constancy. It might also be possible this month that we encounter a person with these abilities or a person that we know will come up into our lives and teach us how to approach a certain situation.

In the month of July the events can take place rapidly, we will have the sensation that the faucet is turned on and we don’t know what to grab out of all that. We will have to pay attention, to revise all options and take decisions only after analyzing things. It is recommended not to throw ourselves head first, as the energy can push us to say YES instead of the actual NO that we meant.

It would be good to find creative solutions  and not to act from the comfort zone or as we used to. We should take things one by one, to see what it is all about and act only after analyzing.

Archangel Michael comes with The Innocence card and supports us not to be afraid as we are taken care of, we are protected and God is caring for us. It is important not to take things personally as if it is the end of the world. Having an air card we will spend a lot of time in our minds and it is good to ask for help and to be brave enough to do what we have to do.

The completing card from The Shaman’s Dream deck is The perfect storm which comes with the message that a possible conflictual situation will take place precisely for us to take action for what is important for us.


In the month of August we have Archangel Azrael who comes with Liberation, a stage is being completed, a situation is ending and it is time for spiritual transformation, time to move on.

As we find out what we can really do and what we are capable of, we will be able to make firm decisions in what concerns our life, how we want it to look like from now on, what values we want to promote and we will be able to leave aside what no longer serves us.

Archangel Azrael helps us activate abilities we have earned for generations, maybe from our great-grandparents. We are shown that it is high time to practice all the abilities that we haven’t accessed so far but are necessary for this spiritual transformation.

Archangel Michael tells us that we and our dear ones are safe. There is the possibility that in the month of August we experience an identity crisis. We will want to take care of ourselves (selfishly) and we will pull the ones around us after us.  You shouldn’t forget that in this life things aren’t all about yourself.

Maybe you will want to do things for yourself, to go to classes but without needing to pull your family along with you or to blame yourself. It is important that you know your priorities and focus your attention on the direction you are needed.

From The Shaman’s Dream deck we have the card Dancing on one foot. So, we need the time for ourselves but at the same time it is good that we find a balance between that and doing things together with the ones around us.


In the month of September we have another fire card, so it means we will have action again. The Page of Fire comes with a fresh, young and feminine energy that we might need to activate inside ourselves or ask for the help of another person with this type of energy. We should pay attention if a person with these abilities comes into our lives – sociability, creativity, trust and impatience (in the way that makes things happen) – as we have a lot to learn from him or her.

The month of September comes with good news related to our job, a promotion maybe and for this we should be using our originality and innovative spirit.

This month we have some key words: simplicity, innovation, liberation, transformation, originality and challenges, words that change our frequency. The energy of September is similar to the one of May, as we say YES to some new opportunities, to some challenges and we start doing things differently than until now. We have again the opportunity to create something, to allow ourselves to do something unique.

Archangel Michael comes with the Eternal Love card which tells us that it is time we learn to receive, to allow ourselves to be helped and to take a step behind so as to perceive what is important for us and not to force things up. We should allow ourselves to relax, to joke about misfortunes and to enjoy life more, maybe we’ve been too tense until now.

The message from The Shaman’s Dream set is that we are going on a New Adventure, moving the energy in a new direction which will bring us opportunities, people, situations and will raise us to a new vibration.


For the month of October we have an air card – The Five of Air – it would be good that we don’t make decisions in this month. It is possible that we don’t have all the data and take decisions out of fear, even out of negative energy and maybe the desire to demonstrate something.

It is advised that we learn from past experiences, to see if there are situations that take us out of our comfort zone and to see what we can learn from them. It is important that we don’t blame the others but that we ask ourselves what are the intentions behind the actions of the people around us.

Archangel Michael tells us to release frustrations. We might write letters to the people who hurt us, letters that we will burn afterwards. This is the way we can let go, we can release what tied us to them and think about what we can do differently in the future.

The card from The Shaman’s Dream set tells us that in the month of October we are offered the opportunity to throw away the trash, to make room for renewal. It is time to cast away all stagnating energy, all our egotistic actions and the way we used to do things before, to realize that what we were doing until now doesn’t represent us anymore and we can let them go.


In November we have a water card – Five of Water – which comes with emotional challenges, as things are not coming out our way. There is the possibility that we get overwhelmed by the victim energy and we will not be able to see the good part of all that is happening.

We should let emotions come out to the surface because there will be some situations that will take us by surprise. This attention call is also available for people who tend to be perfectionists and put a lot of pressure on themselves for things that cannot be perfect. The difference that we can make relates to authenticity. We should see the good side of all situations we go through and make fun of our troubles.

Archangel Michael tells us You can do it! Trust, here you have all you need, try again! We receive all the encouragement we need but we still have to trust, be brave and act.

The completing card from The Shaman’s Dream deck tells us that our ego will be torn into pieces. We won’t have any control over the process but we will “fix it” through overcoming these limitations that we think we have but actually we don’t. We just need to become aware of that.


We are closing the year with a fire card – Two of fire – we need to make partnerships, to ask for help, to build alongside God but also alongside someone. We need to have a project with someone, to sign contracts, to walk forward.

Already until December we have demonstrated all that we are capable of because we have overcome some “fiery challenges”, but only now can we take account of our actions and start building something alongside someone who is on our same wavelength.

Archangel Michael tells us To admit the truth and act accordingly. It is necessary that we know exactly where we can commit and where not, to be frank to ourselves, as there are things that we will never do, they aren’t meant for us, we cannot perform them.

It is important that we make the distinction between what we can do and what we are here to do, to admit the truth in order to have courage and faith to move forward.

The card from The Shaman’s Dream deck talks about roots and tells us it is important to disconnect from the roles that we have displayed and show ourselves as we are.

We have to be authentic and not necessarily approved, trusted or praised. We need to be sincere with ourselves in order to be grounded and to make things happen.


From my perspective this will be a quite balanced year, with many repeating subjects: How to say YES to opportunities, to do things we haven’t done before, to make space for healing, to set things free.

In 2023 we will be in the womb and probably things will come to fruition in 2024, 2025, that is why we are supported by feminine energy and we have Virgin Mary with us.

The extra card from Archangel Gabriel is: Allow yourself to receive. After we ask for help, we will make space to receive what we have asked for and open up for opportunities. In 2023 we will have to say YES because we won’t have a place to hide anymore.

Let us believe in magical resolutions!



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