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Angel Reading for the month of September 2022


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of SEPTEMBER. I used five decks: The nature of infinite love & gratitude – Dr. Darren R. Weisman, Archangel Gabriel Cards – Doreen Virtue, Spellcasting Oracle Cards – Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Magical Times – Jody Bergsma and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.


General context

In the month of September we receive another Fire sign card (six of fire), which comes with good news, with recognition and rewards, with an energy that brings feelings of reward but also brings along a lot of tiredness, exhaustion, agitation and lots of thoughts. We pushed hard in the past months and now we can feel the consequences on our bodies. The feeling of success comes forth, but after many efforts and struggles.

The challenge of this month is to be joyful, to settle down, to integrate as much as possible from what we managed to accomplish up to this moment. Even if this card brings good news, there can still be a feeling of heaviness in the air, the feeling of quitting, the feeling of despair or lack of motivation to continue. It is not the moment to make plans, but to allow ourselves some time to integrate and rest. We could set an intention to dissolve that inner agitation that we are unconsciously clinging onto.

The extra card that comes from Archangel Michael invites us to pray, to settle down and bring gratitude to this situation, to let things arrange themselves as well as possible. The act of praying will connect us to the present moment, not allowing us to escape forwards or backwards in the future or past. We will become centered in our heart space and we will manage to feel that our heart is full. We do have plenty of reasons for gratitude!

This month focuses on inner and outer balance. It is essential to bring balance into our lives and it is advised that we analyze our energy balance: where we have lost energy, where we have given more than necessary because we wanted to get some attention, which relationships fuel us and which ones drain us, what we’ve been postponing and where it is time we act upon things. It is obvious that we are ready to be reborn, to step into our power, to learn to love ourselves. This month challenges us to make choices: to decide what to keep and what to let go of  in our lives, where to make space and so on.


The first part of the month

Up to the 9th of September we can be faced with those aspects that prevent us from growing. More precisely, we can face some darkness or challenging situations, so that we can discover what exactly prevents us from evolving. It is essential that we express our inner truth, to stop hiding, to take responsibility. All that is not made of love has to go away, has to be sifted. So pay attention, all that you don’t do out of love will be obvious for everybody; if you think that you are doing something with love but it isn’t genuinely true, it will surely come out. We will have plenty of tests for our trust that will make sense in the future and that will make us realize that we are always held and supported.


The second part of the month

From the 10th of September and up until the 21st we will feel as if on a journey where it is important that we accept the obvious changes that will pull us out of our comfort zone. We will need to work with our willpower, to have the desire to move forward and to make a change, to have the desire to be better everyday and to live our life at its true potential. If we really want this, the way will open for us really easily. If we fight this, we will feel that we are going against the flow, that everybody is set against us.

A great practice that will help us considerably in this period (and not only) is GRATITUDE. We should be grateful for all that life offers to us now (even for the challenges), as this will help us learn our lessons much easier. This is also a period when we can have many inspired ideas, so it is a good thing to write down all that passes through our mind at this time. Later on we will understand why this aspect is so important.


The latter part of the month

Starting from the 22nd of September and up until the end of the month we receive an outburst of courage, as we run out of apologies and need to act. We cannot blame anyone anymore, we can’t say that we don’t have enough money or that the planets are not properly aligned. All is divinely orchestrated, we just need to act. However, it is important for us to be true to ourselves, as not all that we hear or all our ideas deserve our attention and energy.

Having said this, it is important to use our intuition so that we know what is best for us to do and not to compromise ourselves. It is a magical moment and a good time to follow our dreams, as we are well supported. We can also meet new people or have people return in our lives with certain proposals or ideas that will open unsuspected doors for us.

We will be faced with a month of September that pushes us out of our comfort zone but at the same time serves us unexpected opportunities. It is a good time for evaluating and resetting our life. What deserves our efforts and energy and what doesn’t? This is a good question to ask ourselves this month.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!


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