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Angel reading for the month of October 2022


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of OCTOBER. I used five decks: Oracle of the Fairies – Karen Kay, Archangel Michael Cards – Doreen Virtue, Magical Times – Jody Bergsma, The Shaman’s Dream Oracle – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.


General atmosphere

In the month of October we have an Earth card (seven of Earth) and it is not a month with many things happening. We can plant seeds and think about the most important things for us, we can sit to share opinions with other people, but we will have the feeling that nothing actually comes together. Even if we take action: we make a phone call, we ask someone how he or she performed a certain action, we document ourselves – even if we do these things we will have the feeling that it all goes to waste, but it is not true. What we are actually doing is moving our energy. The seeds need time to grow after the moment of planting, so it is not the case to be worried about anything. We should try not to destroy these seeds by digging in the dirt after them and damaging their roots. In the month of October we can do many things, start different projects. Even though not all of them will come to fruition, it is not the case to worry or to panic. What is most important is to act as much as possible on the path we are walking. We should take initiative and be detached in what we do.

The completing card from Archangel Michael tells us to protect ourselves. This message usually comes when we tend to reveal too many things to others – it is important that we pay attention not to communicate too much from what we are planning to do, from our projects, as the others might access the ideas and put them into practice. We should also pay attention to the people around us, to see who we can rely on and who not. It is essential that we don’t share too much and that everytime we go out we make a protection for ourselves.  This way we can act exactly as much as necessary and we can protect our ideas and projects.

This month will feel like things are out of our control, like a rug is being pulled from underneath our feet and there is no other way than to abandon ourselves. Clearly a stage is being completed and some aspects need to be transformed inside us. There is no other way. A strong wave of awareness is coming and asking us to put down our shields, our ego, the irresponsible attitude and especially the victim attitude.

All this energy, that we can feel as coming with a lot of pressure, is only here to help us let go of control and surrender to God’s plan. We need grounding rituals as we will have the tendency to abort our mission and say: “I am done, I take my toys and leave, I don’t want any of this anymore, all is going in the wrong direction, etc”. We should make some cleansing rituals for our cares, fears and for all that keeps us in place, as we cannot live in the past anymore. What worked out maybe in September will not work out anymore: no excuse, no apologies, etc. Just like trees are reconciled with the falling of their leaves in autumn, we also have to accept that it is time for another stage in our lives. Yes, we will be reborn out of our own ashes, we will manage to embrace change and the faster we can do this, the easier it will be. Yes, we are making space, we are emptying what we no longer need, in order to fulfill our mission and to allow God to work through us.

The first part of the month

Until the 11th of October we will try to justify ourselves, we will struggle as a fish on dry land, trying to show others how valuable we are. We refer to the past saying things like: “When I was working there, my boss appreciated me” or “In the past you did this, how come that you changed now?”. In the past we could easily trick ourselves or wear many masks, but now it is all clear, there is no place to hide, no one to blame, and the past is not alive anymore. In this period we should clarify what we really want, we should become wiser, understanding that our life experiences are here to help  us grow. It is more than clear that we need to take our power back, to have faith and be brave and trusting. There will be many moments when we will realize (if we are present enough with ourselves) that we are harming ourselves and we should be gentler.

The second part of the month

From the 12th until the 20th of October we are helped to see our life from another perspective. If we accepted the challenge, what would our life look like? We will be clearly pinpointed that all our choices have consequences and that we should better take responsibility for them. Hidden things can come out to the surface now, even family secrets, or some people can show new faces of themselves right now. We can clearly hear Gabriel’s trumpet that calls for our awakening and what we thought to be in a certain way will now gain a different perspective. It is advised that we do not enter into fights or give away too much information. We should better take responsibility for what we feel, reconfigure our energy and carry on walking. We can imagine what a masterpiece we can create out of the broken pieces, as we will restructure ourselves in a more powerful and wiser way.

The last part of the month

From the 21st of October and until the end of the month we will be witnessing plenty of releases and we will have the opportunity to detach from all situations that have pulled us down. If we were struggling until now, from this point onwards we start accepting, releasing, forgiving ourselves and leaving the matrix we were living in until now. We will start concentrating on how far we have reached, on the journey awaiting and we will open the doors of our hearts.

We have ahead of us a month of October in which our resistances will be tested and we will need to release those versions of us that do not want to enter the new wave of energy. There will be a strong wave of high vibrational energy that lifts us. It is important not to struggle as we will need to let go of anything that keeps us in one place.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!


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