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Angel reading for the month of November 2022


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of NOVEMBER. I used five decks: Spellcasting – Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Angel Tarot Cards – Radleigh Valentine, Nature’s Whispers – Angela Hartfield & Josephine Wall  and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.


General atmosphere

This month of November brings us an Earth card (the Ace of Earth) which comes with abundance, associations, contracts, documents, seeds from October that start sprouting. It feels like exiting a tunnel. Many things that we’ve been doing in February or April can show results in this month of November.

There are important aspects that will come together at the end of this year. After having various uncomfortable situations all across the year, we now have this chance in November to sign a contract or attract some money to make some investments.

Archangel Michael tells us to commit to ourselves, to our life and to our higher purpose. This commitment will have to be in accordance with supporting our mission and we will receive everything we need, even if we were not expecting it. If, for example, you need a car to support you in your mission, this can become reality, but if you want a car just to go for a ride, then it will not happen. So all that happens will support our mission-oriented actions and this is how our intention-setting should sound like.

This is a  month in which we can feel called to do something completely different than what we did so far. We need to see things from another perspective and if we used to worry a lot, we now understand that faith is more important and that we are the ones who make the choices. Yes, there will be many things happening around us and many people will feel a lot of fear but we can choose something different and we are clearly helped to do so. However, it is important to be frank, to stop hiding under the rug what we feel. We should say “YES, I feel fear but I choose trust and not fear, I do not allow fear to control me”. By doing this we reclaim our power and we have the opportunity to evolve. It is clearly an awakening and uplifting period. We all have this immense chance in the month of November, we just need to take advantage of it. We will clearly receive more signs that we are on the right track or not, messages about what we have to do, dreams will come true and we will accomplish things we didn’t think we were capable of. We have favorable conditions, we have all the support we need, the only thing we need to do is to walk forward and not look back.


The first part of the month

In the first part of the month, until the 12th of November, we will need to order our priorities, to see what is really important for us, where we choose to invest our energy, who we choose to spend our time with. These are questions that can be important for us to pose right now and which will define our next steps. It’s a period for setting intentions and we can also travel in order to detach and see our life with new eyes. Obviously, we will need motivation and now is the time when we can be consistent in understanding what we really deserve. We can connect to the person we really deeply are and we should not forget to ask for help. It can be an important moment, we can meet someone who will support us, we can sign a contract or make a lifelong change.


The second part of the month

From the 13th until the 22nd of November the perfect scenery will be created for our relationships to evolve to another stage. It is very clear that we need a reset and we will pay attention to the way we spend our energy. We will understand how precious our time is, how many things we have to do and we will make different choices in what concerns our relationships. We really don’t need to prove anything to anyone, we don’t need to be right anymore. Yes, we might feel guilty or consider ourselves selfish in the beginning but it’s a lesson that we need to learn. It’s crucial to listen to our intuition and to take care of ourselves. We will learn the lesson of self respect and we will need to be authentic without feeling compelled to please everybody. We will also need patience as this process is a prolonged one.


The last part of the month

From the 23rd of November until the end of the month we will work a lot on acceptance, to accept ourselves but also the others as they are. To accept that some situations cannot be changed but that we can change the perspective, it all depends on us. We will see some difficult situations coming to an end, which will bring alleviation but at the same time we can feel tired and overwhelmed by the new energy that’s taking us over. It is important now to make steps ahead, not to get frightened, to trust in who we are, in our mission, to nourish our passions, to spend time in environments and with people who charge us positively. It’s a good period that unravels a lot from that energy of the new world that will be born.

We will be welcomed by a month of November that comes as a soothing balm, as a magical moment of deep breath that also brings many gifts. Although we will still have many tests to pass, we are very supported. We can sometimes feel as if we are being carried in somebody’s arms.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God help us!


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  1. Bardie Sawai

    God has sent his Holy Angles to watch over us every minute of the day, evening when we are sleeping or working.
    My Archangel Raphael , Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel archangel archangel Ureal are all my friend for life.
    One when the Lord calls me to stand at the judgement days these Archangels will stand witnesses at the judgement with me.
    Amen and I want to thank each one of you. this day. the 2nd day of December 2022.

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