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Angel reading for the month of May 2023


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of MAY. I used five decks: Angel Prayers – Kyle Gray, The Spirit Messages – John Holland,  Divine Abundance – Tosha Silver,  The Sword of Light Oracle – Radleigh Valentine  and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.

The general context

This month brings us a fire card – The Knight of Fire – a person with masculine energy who can also be a woman who has cultivated enough her masculine energy. This person comes into our lives and has an important role in this month of May. It is a passionate, daring person, self-sufficient and restless, which means that we might need to activate these abilities in ourselves or to meet a person who gives us this example of courage and certainty, a person who makes things happen.

Maybe we will attract a situation and we will believe that we are not ready for it but we need to leave the excuses aside and dare, trust ourselves and ask for help if needed.

At the same time it is important to analyze things, to refrain from being impulsive or superficial. It is not the case to take more that we can bare, it is advised to ask questions, to make sure we got things right, to set clear limits and to express our conditions. It is clear that we can do more than we thought initially.

Archangel Michael supports us to Move forward with no fear, so it is clear that we should say a big YES to this opportunity and see how things settle down. He helps us have trust and be brave, he guides our thoughts and actions so that they align with the direction of love and of our purpose in this life.

About our personal mission, the ones who haven’t cleared this topic out yet, revelations can come this month. For the ones who are already following their mission, projects can blossom or bring them to a new level, something totally different than what was before.

From The Shaman’s Dream deck we have the card called “The Cosmic Womb”, which talks to us about the Divine Feminine, the energy for creation. The womb means to create, to give birth, to say YES to opportunities.

We will do things we didn’t think ourselves capable of: create, allow ourselves to be exactly where we need to be, embrace that opportunity. We will need to stay with this feminine receptive energy of creation, truly aligned to our personal mission. This way, nothing will stand in our way.

This month we will be challenged to find the balance between our mind and our heart, between reason and intuition, between power and vulnerability. We will need to let go of all that is keeping us still, our older versions, and also open our hearts and throw ourselves into the unknown. Aspects of us that do not honor our person will come out and we will need to melt them with love. We clearly feel that we are held by our hand while we are shown all sorts of opportunities to which we need to say YES, with all our heart and our faith.

The first part of the month

In the beginning of the month, until the 9th of May, we will need to practice receptivity and to say repetitively YES, I am ready! We should observe ourselves and leave any excuse aside, any limitative beliefs or fears. We should say YES, even though we don’t know what that YES means; we know it is a YES we say to God. It is a YES we are saying to ourselves, defending our convictions, our rights, a YES that leads us towards commitment, forgiveness and liberation. All we have to do now is to pray with our open heart and listen to the angels’ messages. There will be silence in our souls and we will receive all the awareness we need. Maybe it will be the most important YES we say in our lifetime.

The second part of the month

From the 10th until the 22nd of May we will feel like the doors are opening for us, that we are stepping into our power and that we have all the support on our side. We really have no excuse left, we have all the resources we need. The ones who have attachments towards the material side, towards the illusion of hope, they will receive help to overcome these limitations. The ones who are self sabotaging themselves will understand how they attract certain experiences towards themselves, how they are sabotaging their own chances, their own evolution. If we open our hearts, if we believe in the power of prayer and faith, all will take shape and flow gracefully.

The last part of the month

From the 23rd of May until the end of the month some karmic payments will show up, but it is good to receive them without opposition or fear. It is something that we need to do and that is that. We commit to solve these payments and we decide to free ourselves from the past and move forward. We will receive many signs, synchronicities and we can feel the departed ones very closely. We will feel a heart and love activation that seems to fill up everything that we touch. It is important to pour love in all that we do, in our relationships, and even open ourselves towards a new love/passion (not necessarily romantical). Anything we do, we will do from the space of integrity and truth. We do not need to fake anything or refrain if we feel like expressing ourselves with love and from love.

Ahead of us is a month of May that teaches us how love is the one that opens doors, love attracts opportunities and when we open our hearts, we allow God to reside in us.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God help us!


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