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Angel Reading for the Month of June 2022


Intuitive guidance for the month of JUNE using oracle cards. I used 5 sets: Butterfly Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Gateway Oracle Cards – Denise Linn, The Shaman’s Dream Oracle Cards – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid, Angel Tarot Cards – Radleigh Valentine and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.

The general context

In the month of June a fire card showed up in our reading (four of fire), which comes as a sign of completion. If we were feeling unstable or that some things have not been moving on, in the month of June this will probably be replaced by a feeling of things settling down. It is
recommended that we practice gratitude, as it is possible to feel we want more than before or to feel like pushing things forward.

We should not try to gather benefits out of this energy, as this is not the best option now. It is possible that some financial resources also come, but they might go towards family investments. Even if we become more stable, we will not be able to use our resources (time,
energy, money) as we wish to, but as the Lord dictates. The best thing we can do is to be grateful for things settling down and not upset that they aren’t going exactly our way.

The month of June might come with renovations, redecorations, relocations or bringing some projects to an end, as we need to bring fresh energy into our lives.

The extra card from Archangel Michael tells us that our dreams might become reality right now. It is not the case to force or push things more than their natural flow. Archangel Michael tells us through this message that we should replace fear with faith, that we should trust and access the power to enjoy everything that we are manifesting.

It is a month which will invite us to close doors from the past, to close cycles and to stop being pulled into old stories and patterns. We will see our progress clearly and the steps we are making now are extremely important. We should remember to enjoy each step we make. We
will have the tendency to take everything seriously, to put pressure on ourselves, but this is not the way to access what is meant for us. Detachment is essential and gradually we will understand things differently than we did until now. There will be many signs that we are on the right path, so we should pay attention at the synchronicities.

Messages for first part of the month

In the first part of the month, up to the 11th of June, contracts that need to be settled will surface. We will also need to rewrite some contracts, to add appendices or other clauses. These refer to both physical contracts and spiritual ones. It is a period in which we can manifest cutting strings and burning karma, as the element of fire is very active. We can intend to purify all that blocks us through the energy of fire. We will have challenges to defend our convictions and decisions, to stay true to ourselves. We can realize that we have conceded our power and that now we are rewriting what needs to be rewritten. We also see that we needn’t push or insist more than necessary, that we should choose our battles wisely. We can have symptoms easily in the physical body, so we should pay close attention to energy cords, attachments or other low energy frequencies that we can easily pick up. We are inspired also by Archangel Gabriel who tells us what to do regarding our personal mission. It is a very good period to think about possible work-related changes and about what truly brings us joy.

Messages for the second part of the month

Between the 12th and the 22nd of June we continue working on what is important to us and great awareness can come regarding our identity, our values, our impact in the world and our energy label. We start to not settle for less, we wish to get out from our shell and this can be disturbing for the ones around us. Various conflicts or contradictions can arise, we might get consumed out of little things and we might realize that what we want is starting to be different than what people around us want. This can happen especially in the professional area, where we might want to try new things which are not generally approved, or where we might feel the need for a radical change. The angels advise us not to take rushed decisions, to take time to think about things. We need to detach in order to reset, they say, and also that we should do some voluntary work that recharge our batteries and give us a better overall well-being state.

Messages for the final part of the month

From the 23rd of June an up until the end of the month there will be a feeling of ignition, as if everything starts happening all of a sudden. This might feel a little too much in the beginning, but it is a decisive moment to break some limitations and get out of the comfort zone. We will focus on working with people with whom we resonate, part of projects in which we trust and put our soul into. We will make steps in this direction and feel the joy of our inner child. It will be a long-expected moment that will bring relief and joy.

So in conclusion, it seems we have in front of us a month of June that brings professional clarity, especially in regards to our personal mission. Things will align in a way or another, depending on how we decide to reposition. It will be a fire month with lots of burning down but also lots of gifts.

I truly believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!

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