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Angel reading for the month of July 2023


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of JUNE. I used five decks: The Shaman’s Dream Oracle – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid, Guardian Angel Messages Tarot – Radleigh Valentine, Angel Prayers – Kyle Gray, Archangel Michael – Doreen Virtue and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.

The general context

In the month of July we are joined by another knight, The Knight of Air, a masculine archetype. It might be about us and the abilities that we have to activate, such as intelligence, determination, idealism, constancy. It might also be possible this month that we encounter a person with these abilities or a person that we know will come up into our lives and teach us how to approach a certain situation.

In the month of July the events can take place rapidly and we will have the sensation that the tap is turned on and we don’t know what to grab out of all that comes. We will have to pay attention, to revise all options and take decisions only after analyzing things. It is recommended not to throw ourselves head first, as the energy can push us to say YES instead of the actual NO that we meant.

It is best to find creative solutions and not to act from the comfort zone or as we used to act in the past. We should take things one by one, to see what everything is all about and act only after analyzing the situations.

Archangel Michael comes with The Innocence card and supports us not to be afraid as we are taken care of, we are protected and God is caring for us. It is important not to take things personally as if it is the end of the world. As we have an air card sign in this month, we will spend a lot of time in our minds and it is good to ask for help and to be brave enough to do what we have to do.

The completing card from The Shaman’s Dream deck is The perfect storm which comes with the message that a possible conflictual situation will happen, precisely for us to take action for what is important for us.

We are going through a reset period and we have the opportunity to take important decisions in what concerns our future, as our direction can shift dramatically. That is why it is highly important to appease our minds and understand that we did all that we could. If we need to close a door, it will be closed easily. We cannot do this out of an impulse or out of frustration, we can do it only by taking responsibility for this crossroads point we have reached. There is no need for panic, we will feel liberated and light after the moment of our decision, we will feel that we are stepping on our heart’s path and that we have turned on the light in our soul. We will clearly access the knowledge we need, we will activate the inner master and find all those creative solutions we need.

This month we have the opportunity to step on a new path, the one of commitment, aware of each step we take, of every decision we make.

The first part of the month

Up until the 9th of July we are starting a detox period, in all areas of our life. We have the opportunity to release toxins from our minds and our bodies. We also have the opportunity to release all that is toxic and transmute pain. We will access those places where we are stagnating, where we are lying to ourselves and now we will have the opportunity to make other choices, healthy ones. It is important to open our hearts and minds, to understand that we have no other path, that this moment is essential and important to each of us. There will be people who support us, who show us the way and what is essential for us to do is only to listen and to act. In this period we can also find a new love, maybe as a person but also as a passion, a project, etc.

The second part of the month

From the 10th until the 22nd of July there will be a focus on authenticity. We will be pushed to be authentic, to understand what we really like and what we really want, to act with trust in the direction pointed out by our soul. There is no time to waste, the focus is on commitment right now, as we will have to decide what we want, we will have to know our gifts and resources so that we can find the context to best put them to work. The choices we made in the month of June will be confirmed this month also, so we can be at peace, the worst has already passed. Now we are only receiving confirmations and feeling the spiritual support that we have been seeking. It is very important to keep ourselves off pressure, to take things lightly, with humor and in a detached way. We will sometimes feel that we are in between worlds, between two dimensions of reality, because we are resetting and resettling in all aspects of our lives.

The last part of the month

From the 23rd of July up until the end of the month we will need to integrate all that we’ve received this month and in the past couple of months, when we’ve been told to say YES to opportunities. Now that they are all connected, now that we have all the puzzle pieces, we are receiving answers to many of our “whys”. Maybe it is because now we can see the greater picture that we will have the tendency to fight other people, maybe because we didn’t see it earlier, we were obstinate, etc. But it is all that we knew and could do at that moment. Now we only need to practice what we have understood, to make things move, to value our gifts and continue to throw ourselves in the unknown. Yes, these closings and beginnings will be a thing this month.

So we have a month of July which supports our authenticity, our life’s path and brings before us the people and contexts that we need. We are freeing up toxins this month to make space and to integrate a new version of ourselves, one that is committed and prepared for all that is coming.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!


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