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Angel Reading for the Month of July 2022


Intuitive guidance for the month of July using oracle cards. I have used 5 decks: Archangel Michael Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Spellcasting – Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Power of Surrender Cards – Judith Orloff, Magical Times – Jody Bergsma and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.

The general context

In the month of July, we have as our main theme a fire oracle card (The Queen of Fire), which is a supportive feminine energy – trustful, warm, intelligent and graceful. This is an energy that helps us spread our wings and take responsibility for our actions, to do what we thought we weren’t capable of doing, it is an energy that gives us more independence and creativity. For us it is a great opportunity to cultivate the following abilities: trust, empathy and to act smart and with ease and grace. We could also pay attention to the people who have this feminine energy and manifest these qualities, we can learn a lot from them.

In this month of July, we need to do exactly what we are afraid of, to say YES to situations we usually ignore or run away from, because now we have what it takes to succeed. For example, we could take the chance to do something independently, to start our own business. We need to take credit for our independence and untie any energy chords from situations where we are not thriving, where we feel constrained. Also, professionally speaking, it might be good for us to re-evaluate relationships and stand up for ourselves with a warm and light feeling, not from a drama space. We start knowing very well which is our role now and we own it.

Archangel Michael comes with an additional message, telling us to remember our sense of humor. It is clear that we will be going out of our comfort zone, but we need to look at every experience through new eyes, in order to attract love and healing energy. He is sending us his support and invitation to let go, as he will be by our side. All the actions this month should be taken with a feeling of detachment and we need not to take things personally. We should tell ourselves this: “I am curious to see what comes out of what I am planning to do right now.”

We have in front of us a month of July that will push us to take important decisions. Are we choosing to be happy or to be right? Are we choosing the comfort zone or are we choosing to follow our dreams? Are we choosing people who humiliate us or people who respect us? Are we choosing to have a job that doesn’t fit us or to value our potential? We can receive important answers this month IF WE TAKE ACTION. We will clearly be pushed to defend our values and to learn the lesson of self respect. We will say: “That’s it! It’s the end of this!”

It is recommended to release the feelings of frustration, not to unload them on the ones around us, to understand that it is us who have chosen the situations we find ourselves in and that we are the ones who can change them. We should have compassion towards ourselves and the ones around us and focus on the positive sides of this situations. When we express gratitude, new gates can open and we can easily attract what we want.

The first part of the month

Up until the 13th of July we will be invited to come out of denial regarding situations that have little probability to change and regarding certain difficulties that we are shoving under the rug. We need to open our eyes, accept that which we cannot change and take action to change what can be changed. The angels offer clarity and say that all we have to do is to open up and see the real facet of things. After we gain this clarity we will be able to make decisions that bring us joy and take us towards the fulfillment of our dreams. It is clearly a decisive period and it’s important that we listen to what our soul wants, not to what our ego wants. We should keep our plans to ourselves to prevent envy from others and we should cleanse our fears and the influences of others from our lives in order to move forward. It is a time of authenticity, sincerity and openness towards new perspectives.

The second part of the month

From the 14th until the 25th of July it is important that we commit towards the decisions we are making. There will be some challenges but it is important to move forward and do what our intuition asks us to do. It is advisable that we carry with us a notebook and a pen because we will have plenty of revelations and ideas that will support us in what we have to do. We will have the tendency to do many things at once, to stress a lot, to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, but the angels remind us that we need sleep and rest to have our batteries full and ask for clarity. So let us not forget to take care of ourselves. To make it easier the angels tell us to connect with the innocence of our soul and it will guide us every step of the way. We also have to trust this process of change, as we cannot force things, just like in nature – there is a cycle that needs to be respected. We have to leg go of free and let things flow, with relaxation, detachment and joy.

The last part of the month

From the 26th of July up until the end of the month we will be working a lot on clarity, as we will be strongly tested with plenty of interferences. It is obvious that we need to shake our body, get out of the fog and the illusions, leave the past behind and commit to the new beginnings. We know what we have to do, there is no excuse, all is already settled. We only need to show up and take the role that God gave to us. We will receive all the support we need, on all levels, so it is up to us to say YES and enjoy the gifts.

We have a month of July that supports us in taking major decisions and opens us towards new beginnings. Even if we want to, we will not be able to hide, now comes the moment we’ve been waiting for a long time. I could call this month of July “the month of saying YES”. Let’s enjoy it!

I truly believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!

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