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Angel reading for the month of January 2023


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of JANUARY. I used five decks: Archangel Raphael Healing Cards – Doreen Virtue, Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Magical Mermaids and Dolphins – Doreen Virtue, Divine Abundance – Tosha Silver and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.

The general context

The month of January comes with a water card – The Page of Water, a feminine energy that makes us extra sensitive and allows our intuition to work very well, perceiving many subtle aspects. We have to be careful with the level of socializing in this period, as we can easily perceive other people’s emotions and that can destabilize us. It is recommended to close our crown chakra when we go to public places, no matter if it is the metro or the airport, to prevent picking up other people’s energies.

There is an extra sensibility in January and we will tend to look for people who understand us, people to share our ideas with. However, we should pay close attention to whom we are opening, as not everybody will be available to support us and to be frank with us.

Creativity will peak this month, we can start writing, singing, painting and the ones who haven’t trained such skills should take notes of their creative ideas, because we will all be divinely inspired.

We should pay attention to the people who enter our lives this month, as I said before, because some people can be less sincere but others can be very supportive.

Our relationships have to move on to the next level and we will feel that as having a deadline. In other words, if you are in an environment that doesn’t suit you it will be necessary to make some decisions and leave behind all that there is to be left behind.

This month comes with relationship and emotional challenges, with an amplification of our extra-sensory abilities, with a strong intuition, a strong awareness. If we connect to all that it will be fantastic.

Having this emotional instability, either up or down, either understanding or not understanding what is happening to us, Archangel Michael  warns us to be very careful when making decisions, not to rush, to weigh down what we say and do. It is advised to trust our intuition.

Archangel Michael recommends that we detach, take a step back and say: My Lord, take things into your hands, protect me so that I can let things flow for my greater good!

The extra card from The Shaman’s Dream deck is very interesting, it is the card called The Fallen Angel and it speaks to us of that ego to which we can give our power, to consider that we are special just because our intuition is more active or we might have a clearer perception than others. We should pay attention not to separate ourselves from the other, we have to be united.

It is a month that encourages us, no matter what we go through we can succeed, we have unlimited resources and we can manage no matter if people go from our lives or if we lose something. We can expect miracles as we know we have divine protection. We understand that if we follow our heart, if we honor its intentions we will be well. Although we can feel that our world is falling down at the moment, it is good to think that the hardest part is now over, that the obstacles have been overcome. Only after a while will we understand that what we have experimented was for our greater good.

The first part of the month

In the first part of the month, until the 11th of January, we feel the need to free ourselves up. It seems that everything is tightening us, as if we lack air and we can’t express ourselves in our personal way. Something is clearly not right and it will come up to the surface. We can have a breakdown out of very little and this is the only way we can understand that it is time for us to look at what hurts us, to accept the situation and do something to change it. We cannot be superficial right now, it is the moment when we have to look deeply into our soul and abandon to God’s Will. In order to be reborn we have to “die” and now we can feel that certain parts of us are ready to die just to help us, as a whole, to find ourselves again and to be reborn.

The second part of the month

From the 12th until the 20th of January it is time to take our destiny into our own hands. To be clear on what we want and to know the plan for the next period without throwing ourselves head first but also without over analyzing things. We can start new projects, we can decide to start something on our own, we can start a new collaboration, we can promote, etc. We clearly have all the necessary resources, there is no excuse and it is important to open ourselves for the opportunities that lie ahead. We will be required to give everything, we cannot do things just for the sake of doing them anymore, we have to commit 100%. Our presence and commitment are required. As it is possible to exert a lot of pressure on ourselves, we might also receive notices from our physical body. So we should not forget to pay attention to its needs and look for solutions in alternative medicine.

The last part of the month

From the 21st of January up until the end of the month, the theme will be authenticity. Many people will show their real faces but also each of us will be provoked to undress all the masks and show himself or herself as they really are. We can clearly have all sorts of disappointments but on the long term we will understand that it was the best way for us. Our tendency will be to close our heart but we will need to do exactly the opposite: to open our heart and feel all the emotions, to learn to sit with them, to consume them, to thank them, to alchemize them. We will feel this period as a necessary detox, although not the most pleasant one.

We are looking forward to a month of January full of emotions that seem to overwhelm us and we don’t understand much of them. We can first be confused but later on we will need to make decisions, to say yes to opportunities and most of all, to be authentic. The faster we recognize what we have to do and where we are going against our heart, the faster we can act and make things easier on us. And also we have to remember that sometimes first it has to be hard so that later it can be easy.

I truly believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!


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