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Angel reading for the month of February 2023


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of FEBRUARY. I used five decks: Archangel Michael Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue,  Archangel Oracle Cards – Diana Cooper, Oracle of the Fairies – Karen Kay and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.


The general context

In the month of February we have the first Archangel of 2023 – Archangel Michael with the card The Emperor, which comes with order and discipline, so we are going to be organized and finish what we have already started.

Archangel Michael helps us settle all those things that we have been postponing and this means that we will be releasing some energies, closing some doors where our energy was leaking in the wrong direction.

Archangel Michael warns us that we have some leaks in our energy field, that we have given away our power a lot and left open doors and this is why we cannot build anything, because our energy was suspended in all kinds of things.

Another message from Archangel Michael talks about commitment and leadership, as we have to be the ones in charge, to take account of our actions and follow through until the end. In what concerns leadership, he also reminds us that it is time we become the light and the example for others.

It is important to start building a structure and discipline, to establish some rituals, to do things that become part of us, to engage in some commitments, either they are related to a healthy lifestyle, to diet or maybe to our creative side, etc. It is important that we start these new rituals, that we implement a new way of doing things.

The extra card from Archangel Michael supports us in listening to our intuition; so in the month of January we were offered the opportunity to work on activating our intuition and in February we have to listen to it. It is indicated that we do what our intuition tells us to do, that cleaning, that detox, maybe that journey, that change we need to do and prevent our ego from keeping us in one place or bringing all sorts of arguments that could hold us back. It is time we cast the ego aside and follow our intuition.

From the oracle deck The Shaman’s Dream we have the card called “A connecting bridge” which talks about an initiation, somehow feeling as if celebrating new year’s eve in February. This means that a new life will start from February. This is connected also with all the cleansing that Archangel Michael brings, so our new things will have a place to settle and a new version of ourselves will have space to thrive.

It is a month which, as I said earlier, draws a clear line for us to start working. The first step we need to do is to clean everything around and to quit all that does not serve us. All over the place, in all areas of our lives: in our home, at work, in our relationships, in our soul, etc. We should listen to our intuition and connect to the purity of our hearts and so our hand will be held in this necessary process. It is not easy, we will probably need to untie some attachments, to set the past free, to forgive, etc. The more we resist, the more we will understand that it is the place where we have to draw a limit. That is the place which most hurts, where we need to bring light and healing.

The first part of the month

Until the 9th of February we will be trying to play hide and seek but we won’t be successful and we need to understand that it is important to commit and stop playing the victim role, to think seriously about the next steps we have to make. We will go through different states, either high, or low, either thinking we solved the problems and then realizing the contrary; we will choose something that takes us towards a new and unexpected direction. So it will be a beginning of the month with strong emotions and it is important that we don’t try to escape, that we prevent feeling intimidated and we seek solutions and cleanse the energy. We are supported by Archangel Michael but we can also invoke Archangel Zadkiel or the energy of the purple flame. The most important thing for us will be to move forward, because at some point a magical gate will open for us and we will receive the reward for all we have experimented so far. We will go through fire but this fire is the one that will grind us down and cleanse all that we couldn’t do so far. It is all about a powerful purification in our lives, in all the layers of our being, conscious or unconscious.

The second part of the month

From the 10th until the 19th of February we can feel reinvigorated, infused with positive energy, motivation, trust but also liberation. We will still have the tendency to complain but we will be quickly back on track and start acting. Now is a good time to solve some older conflicts, to establish some limits, to do what we think is most appropriate without looking for justifications. We have the power, the energy and the motivation to do this. We will have moments, however, when we will need to ask for the help of the ones around us, to feel like we are held and to be told that everything will be alright. It would be helpful to work with a therapist, with someone who could help us cleanse our energy and find peace within. From that state we need to take decisions concerning the next steps.

The last part of the month

From the 20th of February until the end of the month we will need to act with commitment and be open towards new beginnings, but we cannot do that if we don’t know that we deserve to. So, we will need to understand that we deserve all that is best, that we are worthy of these new beginnings, that we have the power to manifest what we want, that we can be happy and fulfilled. More precisely, we are offered opportunities which even if they pull us out of our comfort zone, we should accept, as they will bring us happiness.

A month of February with a strong energy awaits, giving us focus and not allowing us to rest on one ear. Even if we don’t understand, at least in the first phase, it is important that we walk forth, it is essential that we allow ourselves to be who we came here to be. It is a month of hard work, a month that will model us and help us in the following period. So, let us drop any excuses and do what we have to do.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God help us!


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