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Angel reading for the month of December 2022


Intuitive oracle cards reading for the month of DECEMBER. I used five decks:The Nature of Infinite Love & Gratitude – Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue, Mary, Queen Of Angels – Doreen Virtue, Angel Prayers – Kyle Gray and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.

General atmosphere

We are closing this year with Archangel Sandalphon. In the month of December 2022 we have card number five called “Unity”. To be united is actually a challenge we will be facing for the whole year, something that has been tested in us since 2020. We will need to make changes so that we can be united, to understand each other even if we have different opinions. We are talking about a unification at the level of spiritual teachings, with the same purpose and intention to help others. We don’t need to think the same, but to transcend the mind and our small interests and to unite our hearts, our feelings. This is the message of Archangel Sandalphon.

We all have this mission of finding the right way to help each other through what we have discovered, without comparing, without stating what is best. What will work is what is appropriate for each of us and that doesn’t mean that there is a method or a teacher better than another. The challenge is to stay united for the best of others. More specifically, our spiritual ego will be challenged so we better recognize it when it comes up and know how to put it at rest.

There will also be a reconfiguration in our spirituality, in what we thought until now that was spirituality. The old view will disappear and there will be something new, an energy hard to describe at this point.

Archangel Michael tells us that we need to renounce all sorts of result-oriented attachments. For example, we cannot help someone, no matter how much we know or want to, if that person is not open to being helped. So, Archangel Michael puts forward this fact, that we should leave this egotistical part of us aside, a very difficult endeavor, considering our habits so far.

We don’t speak here about the role of spiritual guides only, but about each person’s role in his or her personal life. The way each of us behaves with his or her friends and family says a lot about the way we carry the light forward.

This is a month with a threshold: either we realize that we have overcome it or we understand that we have stumbled and need to repeat the lesson again. We have to choose if we react and we get upset, if we choose to act and correct the mistakes we did or just act after postponing something. Another important message this month is related to the passage from an individual perspective to that lovely feeling of togetherness. So it is not only about us as persons but also about what we can do together. And we, through what we call “mistakes” and through postponing, we can ruin God’s plan, we can stand in someone’s way. This month there will be a focus on this aspect and we will need to take it into consideration. Can we take the responsibility of standing in the way of someone’s happiness? How do we feel by knowing that? Yes, we need to reposition ourselves from this thought paradigm: “I do what I want, I accomplish my dreams without looking around me and observing how my actions affect the ones around me”. Yes, we can do that if we are on our mission path and we are supporting the ones around us. This month it is possible that our inner wounded child comes out, which we should better attend to and heal.


The first part of the month

In the first part of the month, up until the 10th of December, we feel the strong need for miracles, for divine intervention, as if we want to order something we want as quick as possible. Probably the winter holidays are also influencing us and there is an enthusiasm that is hard to contain. However, it is good to see beyond the surface as we can fall quite hard if we are not aligned with the reality we are living in. We will need to keep ourselves grounded and refrain from making promises that we cannot keep, not even towards ourselves. We should be careful not to force things, to let them flow as that is the only way we can know that we are exactly where God wants us to be. It is possible that we become overwhelmed and we need to ask for help. We might need to assign tasks, to look for collaborators or to do all that we can so that our life becomes easier, as it is the only way we can focus on our mission.


The second part of the month

From the 11th until the 21 of December we will be asked to live in the present moment, as aware as possible as we have the tendency to fly towards the future a lot, as if 2023 would be coming on top of us without being ready. There is a feeling of agitation in the air, we want to do all that we couldn’t until now but also to know clearly what we want for the following year. Yes, we can prepare ourselves, but from the presence state, not from projections or because everybody else is doing it. We will feel the presence of our dear ones who have departed more powerful than ever, as the veil is very thin and we can connect with them easily. We can drop into melancholy or we can have euphoric states, but no matter what we are living it is good to know that everything is orchestrated by God. He has important plans for each of us. Another aspect that we should consider is taking care of our health, as we are similar to a low battery and it is essential to remember to do things that make us recharge.


The last part of the month

From the 22nd of December until the end of the month we are told very clearly that we already know what we have to do, not only for ourselves but also for the ones around us. We know when it is the case to leave our egos aside, we know when we are mixing in someone else’s business, we know when we are judging or doing things in order to prove something. We have nowhere to hide and we will be exposed or quieted if we don’t stop. It will be an intense emotional period and it is important to give space to the rising emotions, as even the negative emotions have to be consumed. We will be motivated to be in contact with our inner state as we understand it is the only way to grow. One important lesson to learn is that we can be gentle and powerful at the same time.

This month of December will be balancing some of our aspects. Maybe we are taking things too lightly, taking it all for granted, maybe we have the tendency to impose ourselves in front of others, fighting a bit what is happening to us, but we are also receiving the necessary feedback. We will understand that we are above nobody and that only by being connected to each other we can really accomplish the work of God.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!



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