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Angel Reading for the month of August 2022

Intuitive guidance for the month of August using oracle cards. I have used 5 decks: The Spirit Messages – John Holland, The Shaman’s Dream Oracle – Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid, Angel Prayers – Kyle Gray, Angel Tarot Cards – Radleigh Valentine and Messages from the Archangels – Delia Mureșan.

The general context

In the month of August we are joined by Archangel Uriel and the card entitled “The Sun”. He tells us that everything is fine, that we are already seeing the results of our work. The ideas that come to us in the month of August can be for the long run, they can be ideas that bring success and take us towards a new stage. We are infused strongly by trust, empowerment and activation of our inner strength. Archangel Uriel activates a sense of power inside us that can make us feel invincible, like nothing can stand in the way of what we want to do.

It is important to pay special attention to the days around the 19th of August, as we can have certain revelations at that point. I strongly suggest that you have a notepad with you in the month of August and take notes of all the ideas you get, as they might make a difference in the months to come.

Also, the Sun card tells us to stand out more, to take responsibility for our light even if some people will be disturbed by it. This way we understand more and more what we have to do. We are now playing the lead role on the stage of our life and we observe how this role is received by the ones around us and how we feel playing it.

Archangel Michael tells us clearly – trust and honor your feelings. We should acknowledge what we feel, both negative and positive emotions, it is highly important that we become aware of them. It is the only way to gain trust, to overcome our fears and do what we have to do. We should not pretend that everything is fine but we should manage everything that comes up with love and patience.

We have in front of us a month different from the month of July, one that brings a lot of introspection, revelations and reconfigurations. It can happen for us to feel that all that we know is no longer true, in what concerns the information. The revelations that we have take our life to a different vibration and even if we have the tendency to blame ourselves about not seeing or knowing some things until now, it is time to treat ourselves with a lot of gentleness and understanding. This month’s energy brings light in those life situations where we followed the ego’s indications and thus gives us the opportunity to free ourselves and to reposition onto another frequency. We might have a sense of urgency in doing things and feel an outer pressure, but we have to pay close attention to all decisions that we are making this month. It is ideal that they come from a balanced place, from a settled energy, a feeling of detachment, something different than the way we operated until now. We can also pray for clarification. This month we should focus on cleansing and energetic balancing, on healing childhood aspects that can be the root cause for some current challenges. We should focus also on shadow work, on the shadow aspects of our archetypes and on reevaluating relationships and the way we handle them in our lives.

The first part of the month

Until the 12th of August we will face trials of freeing ourselves from all that blocks our natural state of joy. It will be something similar to passing through a scanner and being told exactly where our blockages are and what we have to do. Obviously, it will not be that simple, as aspects that were complacent with the situation until now will come to the surface. So we should pay attention to everything that involves apologies, inflexibility, attachments, the need to be right, fixations, control, resistance, defensive mechanisms and the incapacity to receive. Here are some shadow aspects that can come up and prevent us from flowing and enjoying life. Of course we will go on a headhunt also, for “the guilty ones”, trying our best to blame the outer circumstances, but this will only result in a return of the energy, twice as powerful. The angels tell us to flow, to take responsibility and to team up with them, understanding that it is for our higher good for something to depart from us.

The second part of the month

Between the 13th and the 19th of August we will have an incubation period in which it is best to gather the ideas that come up, to work on our projects and most importantly, to pay attention to some new projects. It is essential to work on cleansing and energetic balancing with the help of Archangel Metatron and Archangel Zadkiel. They will help us transform and alchemize what is holding us back. It is not a period for major decisions, as we don’t have all the information yet available. Another theme that the angels point towards in this period is forgiveness. Forgiveness opens unexpected gates for us and helps us bring light in places where we need it most.

The final part of the month

From the 20th of August until the end of the month we will have a clearer picture of the steps we have to make and the direction it is best to take. It is a period of clarification, putting things in order and receiving revelations. Many truths can come up to the surface in this period, everything that is hidden comes into the light now, people can show their real faces and we will understand why some things weren’t possible until now and what we can do from this point onward. Even if that which comes towards us is not the most pleasant form, we know what is happening and we have the necessary data to act. If we were using the low beam until now on our car, it is now time for the high beam with a lot more clarity and sense of direction.

We are looking towards a month of August that invites us to spend time with ourselves. It is not a month to take important decisions but it will bring a lot of clearing a lot of light. Let us be grateful for these gifts as we need them greatly.

I believe in magical resolutions!

God bless us!


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