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Angel Prayer for Forgiveness


Beloved Angels,

Please help me to see things differently,

to behold the innate goodness in others, awaken me to compassion.

I am willing to discover how to set myself free.

I choose to return to Love.

Rather than hold on to resentment and pain,

I take the first step in forgiveness and actively become willing to forgive.

I surrender, despite my resistance, all feeling of retaliation, revenge or repayment.

I acknowledge and accept a clearing out of the energetic ties that have bound me.

I claim unconditional love as a feat of courage and empowerment.

The act of forgiveness now liberates space within me

and opens a portal to the Divine.

Heavenly angels, i am willing to accept the miracle.

Provide me with spiritual strength.

I am willing to forgive them all. And i ask to be forgiven.

I thank the True Source of Light, for expanding me,

for assisting me to evolve, for bringing me closer

to the divine power in my heart that flows forth from my soul.

I surrender all struggle to divine love.

I surrender all people to divine love.

Heal us all at this moment.

Thank you. And so it is. Amen

– 365 Days, Michelle Mullady

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