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Angel Affirmations


Say these affirmations daily to increase your self-confidence and self-love. You can record them in your own voice, which will give you a powerful affirmation tape. Add your own personal affirmations related to your goals and desires. 


I am now surrounded by angels. The angels shine the love of God upon me and through me. 

I accept this love from God and the angels. I deserve love. 

I deserve happiness. I deserve health. I deserve help from heaven, and I accept it now. 

I call upon God and the angels to help and guide me. I listen to my inner voice and feelings. 

My inner voice and feelings are guidance from God and the angels. 

This guidance is everything I need. I follow my guidance in full faith. 

I know that God and the angels love me and are guiding me right now. 

I accept the angels love. I accept love. I love. I am love.

I am loving. I am very loved. Everyone loves me. I love everyone. 

I forgive everyone. I forgive myself. 

I send God’s love to everyone I meet. 

I guard my thoughts carefully and only allow positive and loving thoughts to come through. 

There is an abundance of love in the world. There is enough for everyone. 

There is plenty to go around. I have an abundance of everything. 

I attract wonderful, loving people into my life. 

My angels and I enjoy new opportunities to give service to the world. 

I am rewarded constantly. My life is harmonious and peaceful. 

I am peaceful. I am radiant. I am joyful. 


Source – Healing with the Angels – Doreen Virtue

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