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A Message about your Relationships


“Within a relationship, the choices are the same as with your relationship with yourself: the path of fear or love. 

Two people may be walking upon the path of fear together, seemingly for the purpose of protecting each other and jointly finding happiness in a walk in fear, the experience always results in fear. This is when an inconsistent roller coaster of dramatic emotions ensues within the relationship.

There may be a sense that you`ll be happier if you leave this person`s side. Yet if you`re then walking upon the pathway of fear alone, you`re still on the pathway of fear, with all of its unpleasant consequences. You may find a new person to walk with upon this path of fear, with the same unsatisfying outcome. 

Whether you have a nightmare alone or sleeping next to someone who is also nightmaring, the results are equally terrifying. And yes, when you awaken and the other person holds you comfortingly, there is a temporary relief from fear. The cessation of fear and the feeling of love is the real and true awakening.

The paths of love and fear have no intersections, common grounds, or meeting places. They are entirely different vibrations, like the band of purple on the rainbow running parallel to the band of red. There is no treading in the transitional zone blending the two. You are either on the path of love or on the path of fear. 

Just like when you`re sleeping, you can be on the pathway of fear and then “awaken” upon the pathway of love. For most humans, there`s a jolting roller coaster of bouncing between both pathways. This creates an unsettling sense of instability and confusion. 

You cannot be upon both paths simultaneously. Either you are awake to your true reality of living cozily and comfortably within God, or you are asleep to this reality and have forgotten who you are, where you came from, and where you are now.

What you are seeking in your relationships is a merging and sense of oneness, which can only be experienced when two people walk upon the pathway of love together. To do so requires a great deal of awareness and self-honesty, which is why you care enough to learn about these truths.”

Source – 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know – Doreen Virtue

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