Archangel Ariel

Is the archangel of nature and of the material world and she helps you heal with the help of the surrounding environment. Today you are being guided towards nature or at least to hug a tree in order to feel connected with Mother Earth. Because she is associated with Earth, Ariel reminds you that she can help in the matters of financial safety, in solving day to day problems, and she can bring prosperity into your life, so call on her for this issue. Remember when you ask for her help, ask her to solve the problems as it is better for you, not as you think it is. She is telling you that today, here and now, it is time to let yourself flow. Don't postpone what you have to do, you only need to connect with Mother Earth, which means being realistic, not very idealistic, and then you can fly. Let yourself flow, jump and open your wings wide and you will have your most wonderful journey.
This is how it is and so be it.