Arhangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel tells you it is time to take back your power. Use your Divine Power which you have received from God and manifest blessings into your life. It is said that Archangel Raziel is the closest to the ski and he knows what is important for you, he knows secrets and mysteries that will soon be unveiled for you, the only thing important is for you to follow your mission and be faithful to yourself and to the gifts you have already received. Raziel is telling you that you have reached the present situation because you couldn't manage certain problems from the past that are still haunting you. He can help you become aware of them so that you go back and clean all aspects. He brings to you that information and knowledge which you need to manifest your power into this life. If you have ever sworn “I will never do ...”. He can help you free yourself from those promises made unconsciously which are still holding you tight on this moment of your life. Healing is necessary in order to evolve towards what Archangel Raziel is helping you to do. Raziel is telling you he is here, today, to help you get rid of those fears and phobias which are holding you, and remember to take back your power. He is helping you balance your chakras and he is bringing you harmony, vitality and equilibrium. Raziel will help you understand why certain people came into your life and what are the messages that they have brought to you.
This is how it is and so be it!