Archangel Raguel

Everything is good just the way it is right now. Look beyond the illusions and see that everything aligns the way it is best for you. Raguel tells you that most of the times you are not able to see the whole picture and it is important to fully trust in God and he will arrange things the way is is best for you. Maybe you cannot see this now, but please have faith. The angels are always working in the backstage, never forget that. What you have to do now, when you don't know how your situation will settle, is to say positive affirmations, pray, meditate, to maintain a high vibration. Remember you can only connect to the angels' energy when you are in that high vibration. That's why sometimes you simply can't “see” what they are showing you. Don't complain and talk about your situation in a positive, trustful manner. You are so strong, that this attitude will bring your way sooner the understanding and the solution. And my dear, don't think anymore that you are being treated unjustly, because there is only divine justice and not human justice. Be grateful for everything and let the most appropriate solution come your way. Remember, all is good and just the way it should be.
This is how it is and so be it!