Meet Delia

Delia is a very accurate messenger of the angels. She likes to call herself an instrument of God because everything comes from God and the angels.

Meeting Delia and the angels can be a life changing event, nothing will be the same. You will discover your true self and you will bring more joy, clarity, healing and miracles into your life.

Delia has combined her certifications in Psychology, Positive Psychotherapy, Human Resources, Training, Coaching and NLP with Angel Therapy (being an Angel Therapist Practitioner certified by Charles Virtue and Angel Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue). She is also an Angel Energy Healer (certified by Deborah King).

Delia has also developed her own program of certification called: Angel Therapy Work and she is the founder of the Positive Change NGO in Romania.

She is a very well-known Spiritual Coach, Public Speaker and Angel Therapist in her own country, Romania, and has clients all over the world.

You can read below her story:
“I have been feeling the presence of angels even as a little girl, being always prone to playing tricks, I always knew there is someone “up there” loving and watching me. My grandma was always telling me about our guardian angel (I think we all learnt the little angel from our grandparents) and I had a safety feeling, feeling that I lost during the years.

In 2004-2005 I accidentally found a website where they taught you to pray to the angels. It was fascinating. I was unemployed, in a not so pleasant situation; I was going through an indescribable inner torment. I had lost almost 10 kg and it seemed like no matter what I did, I could not find the “job” I wanted. It had already become tiresome to send so many CV-s and to attend so many interviews.

It was then that I received the angels’ guidance for the first time, it was clear what I had to do, but I did not want to follow it. A logical, rational being does not pray to the angels waiting for miracles! This was what I was thinking back then. So although I knew from that moment on that my way was not as the employee of some company…I wandered around for 3 more years.
Well…I am stubborn and most certainly my story is familiar to you. It’s probably your story too.

So I wandered from “failure” to “failure” … or this was what I was thinking until in 2008 when I finally chose to build something on my own, it seems that I had listened to the voice of the angels.

From all that stress and torment, my inner voice was dim…I could not hear it…it was becoming hoarse and tired to keep telling me the same thing over and over again.

So this was my training for what was to come. In 2008 when I started, there were few people that knew the concepts of coaching, personal development. Well, everything that I have previously lived, I came to realize that those were blessings, even though I had not seen them as such at the time. Now I know when someone struggles, now I know how it is when someone lets his/her mind rule and he/she doesn’t hear the inner voice. Now I know how it is not to follow your vocation and the path of your heart. If I hadn’t had those experiences, I wouldn’t be here today.

Between 2008 and 2011 I continued to study, I attended tens of classes, online and not only. I was always fascinated by what happened outside our country, especially in the US. So I started with authors like Joe Vitale, Bob Procter (I attended his first conference in Bucharest), then Neale Donald Walsh, Greg Braden etc. I was fascinated, I was materializing much, and even if it was an economical crisis, I managed to surpass all kinds of difficulties and follow the path of my heart. I knew then that I was heading to something, even if I didn’t know what it was.

Because I was so thrilled by everything that I found, I started putting my knowledge in the workshops and projects held by Positive Change Association), which I had founded, and I started to write inspirational articles for guiding others.

In 2011 I went out of a bookstore with a set of deck cards; I had not understood why I had bought them. I remember standing in front of the bookstore and looking at them: “Messages from Your Angels” and I could not understand what they will use me for.

Whenever I hosted an evening, I started “playing” with these cards, and the messages came right where they were needed and that amazed me. It was then that I heard the inner voice talking loud and clear, the voice of the angels: “It is time to tell people about us.” The first moment I panicked…what do I know about angels, what should I tell them?!

And the message remained there like a broken tape, and kept repeating. Now that I had cleaned my life, I could hear it very well.

So one day, a little upset, I just said: OK…if this is what I have to do, then tell me what to do. I set myself in front of the computer to write an invitation for an event named “The story of angels”.

The text (which I did not remember, but luckily I had it saved) sounded like this:
“An evening dedicated to the angels and how to talk with them. A magical evening where we will feel closer to your divine self. I am waiting you to share stories about angels, to understand them and to receive the messages that they communicate to us. We will also do a meditation to take us closer to them.”

Normally it would take a while until people joined my workshops and seminaries. This time, after posting that event, it only took about 10 minutes, when I returned to my laptop, I already had the group formed.

I am a professional psychologist and especially a TRAINER, so when I would prepare for a workshop, I had notes, schemes, materials etc…

This time, for this workshop, I realized I cannot prepare, I have no concrete data, I am not an “authority” in the domain and all the fears came upon me. And all I could hear when I was asking….what will I do: You will tell them about us. So I knew the most important archangels and I talked about them, but mostly we connected to them and we received lots of messages. It really was a magical evening.

That same year I had an intention set: to participate in the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Chicago, where among other renowned speakers there was Doreen Virtue too. Actually she was the one to open the conference.

From that moment on, if I needed more confirmation, I knew my mission would be to bring people closer to angels and to let them know the angels. So when I returned home, I started holding seminaries and workshops and meditations with the angels. That was also the moment I created the Facebook group , and day after day, we became more and more connected to this wonderful energy of the angels.

That same year Charles Virtue came to Romania and I received the money for the class as a gift, so I attended the “official” certification.

I have developed my own certification on how to work with the angels and trained more than 200 wonderful earth angels and send them into the world.

So, don’t wait, come and meet with your angels. They are waiting for you!