Prayer to Archangel Haniel – for balance and wisdom

Archangel Haniel, watcher of the grace, of the balance and of the gift, please bring your divine energy of lovingly wisdom for (describe the situation). Thank you for guiding my thoughts, words, deeds and behavior and for helping me enjoy myself, bringing blessings to anyone who watches me or listens to me. Please use your divine magnetism so that it will attract only positive energies towards me. Thank you, glorious Archangel Haniel, thank you.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel – for expressing yourself freely

Archangel Gabriel, please come with me and give me the courage to express what I feel, to affirm my own values, without fearing criticism or rejection. I wish to set free my inner child, the one who is expressing himself naturally, creatively and takes life like a game. Thank you!