Prayer to Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael, please come here now and detach those fear strings from the solar plexus chakra area, because I know that through these strings I have given others the chance to control my life. Archangel Michael please help me recuperate my personal power; help me have the will and the courage to assume my whole responsibility for my life. Archangel Michael please be with me in order to fulfill my divine mission and make me conscious every step of my role on this earth.
Thank you from all my heart!

Prayer to Archangel Jeremiel – for having a new perspective of the future

Photo: AngelGuided

Archangel Jeremiel,

Please help me take away all fears, worries and tensions regarding my future and the world’s future. (Tell Jeremiel about any situation which is on your mind). Please give me your prophetic perspectives about the future. Please guide me and enlighten me about what I could do or change in order to create the best and highest possible future for myself and for everybody else.

Thank you Archangel Jeremiel.”

Prayer to Archangel Haniel – for balance and wisdom

Photo: Mikioku

Archangel Haniel, watcher of the grace, of the balance and of the gift, please bring your divine energy of lovingly wisdom for (describe the situation). Thank you for guiding my thoughts, words, deeds and behavior and for helping me enjoy myself, bringing blessings to anyone who watches me or listens to me. Please use your divine magnetism so that it will attract only positive energies towards me.

Thank you, glorious Archangel Haniel, thank you.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel – for expressing yourself freely

Photo: Monty

Archangel Gabriel, please come with me and give me the courage to express what I feel, to affirm my own values, without fearing criticism or rejection. I wish to set free my inner child, the one who is expressing himself naturally, creatively and takes life like a game.

Thank you!

About feeling SAFE in the arms of the angels or about protection

First of all this word programs you. When you say “protection”, it is clear that you PROTECT yourself from SOMETHING. I try to avoid as much as I can this word, although it comes hard. I like using positive words, we all know how much the words can influence us. So I say: I feel safe… or In order to feel safe, I call on Archangel Michael.

Methods we can use:

a. CLEAR WHITE LIGHT – color/light – this is for general use, it helps feeling physically secure, yourself, your car, you plane etc.
How do we do this: Archangel Michael, help me and surround me in white color, in a white CLOAK of light. We bathe in this light.

b. PINK – helps the heart stay open and the energy of love to be present.
It can be used when you teach or when you are with your clients or with your friends. It helps you communicate from your heart but not take over any of the energy around.

c. VIOLET – when we want to be with ourselves (it is thicker than the others)
It can be used when you are in a crowd and the energies are very scattered and you don’t feel good, when you need introspection. The violet flame transforms any energy into love. This energy makes you feel secure, but it only lasts as long as we are connected to it. If we talk “foolish”, if we judge, if we think negative, it normally goes away.