Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us.
Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed.
Their wings wrap gently around you,
Whispering you are loved and blessed.

The angels are ENERGY; they take the form that we can perceive. Some of us see them fat and winged; others see them like old sages. Every form that you perceive is O.K. The state of unconditional love which they offer you is what really matters. You feel as embraced by the divinity and you wouldn’t want to go.

In the beginning it might be hard for you to perceive them, especially due to the mind that doesn’t let the inner voice be heard. But with love and patience you will reach this world. The angels are for everybody, you cannot “not resonate” with this world, so most certainly it is right for you.

How are the messages being transmitted to us?

At birth we received some gifts, but because of not being used, they become a little stuck, inactive, but they are all within us. By these gifts we can receive the messages from the angels.

  • 1. CLAIRVOYANCE – seeing clear

    It is about what you see with the physical eyes (for example you look for an answer and you see a panel with a message: this is your answer) or with the eye of the mind.

  • 2. CLAIRAUDIENCE – hearing clear

    It’s about what you can hear: it can be your inner voice, it can be a song you wake up hearing in your head, or which is being broadcast “by chance” at the radio, it can be a person walking on the street and although not talking to you, you accidentally grasp what she is speaking and the message is for you.

  • 3. CLAIRSENTIENCE – clear feeling

    It is about the thoughts that you have, you just know from somewhere deep inside, you don’t know from where, you just know. We say something that we wouldn’t normally say (channeling). It can be a message. If you have too many thoughts, it means the person standing in front of you has too many thoughts.

Words are not enough to describe the miraculous turn that my life took since I met Delia. Her guidance helped me break some very challenging and painful patterns that I have been struggling with for a very long time. Her angels’ messages are always profoundly insightful and life changing. She somehow manages to tap into the deepest layers of your soul, uncovering long ingrained beliefs that hold you back, and she helps you overcome them, heal and grow. Most importantly, what makes Delia very special is her generosity in sharing her work results, so that you can use them and create by yourself the life that you dream of. I was blessed to meet her.Ana F.

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